Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life as we know it

So, today was it.

Todd moved up to Casper, Wyo., for his new work assignment.

I've been dreading this day.  Which is one big reason I haven't talked about it here, well, at all.

What's the story?

Well, as most of you know, Todd was informed in December that he was going to be assigned to Casper April 1.  This was a total shock.  We had just bought and moved into our house, something we wouldn't have done if he had even remotely thought he wouldn't be stationed in Cheyenne.

We've been counting down to the time we'd have to upset our happy little life with Rigby at ol' 304 and...today was it.

All morning, as we got him packed and the basement cleared out for the renter who comes in tomorrow, I was bitter and upset.  I didn't want us to get out of bed this morning because I kept thinking how it was the last morning in our house together, the last breakfast around our table, our last morning walk with Rigby around Lyon's Park, etc.

It just...sucks.

Nobody wants him to go either!  The Cheyenne office loves him - there was a going away party last night and everyone was genuinely bummed he had to go.  But such is the way with Wyoming Game and Fish.  The wardens who don't have a district of their own get moved around each year until they land a permanent station.

On the bright side, my office is being really great about keeping me on.  I'll be telecommuting two days a week from Casper, re-evaluating in May and potentially moving my position up there full time.  There are a few other options going on right now with Todd as well that will factor in to all of this - but that's conversation for another time.

Until then, we'll be basically camping in a yuck-o little apartment we're renting month-to-month, smuggling Rigby in by the dark of night.

Get ready for the Casper Chronicles.


Stacey said...

I'm sorry that you have to be on your own for awhile. Things will get worked out. Just be careful commuting to Casper!!
Love ya.

Lori said...

Long distance does suck, I'm not going to lie. But you and Todd will find a way to deal and be stronger because of it!

artemisia said...

I have no doubt you two will find a way to make this situation shine. But I am so sorry. It just sucks. So much.

MOM said...

You two will make it through this time, Kimberly. Have faith, and it's great that your work is so willing to be flexible with this. You will see Todd most of the week. You two hang in there.

Misty Walsh said...

What icky stress. Lots of us are thnking of you and crossing our fingers for the best!