Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trader Joe's Trail of Tears

I miss Trader Joe's.

Big time.

This thought occurred to me as I was standing in the kitchen a few minutes ago munching on a piece of toast I had slathered with Whole Foods' 365 blueberry jam.

My train of thought went something like this...

"Huh, I'm almost out of my jam. Too bad I have to drive to a Whole Foods in Denver to get it. What else would I need from Whole Foods? Ah, forget it. Whole Foods plus gas money down would cost a fortune! If only there were a Trader Joe's...I would make special trips to Denver for a TJ's. I wonder if the CEO is contemplating the email I sent suggesting a TJ's in Colorado? Do they not realize what they're missing out on here?! I mean, Colorado is the very definition of a TJ's location. Maybe I'll tell him again. I think I'll blog about this..."

And here I am.

If you have never been to a Trader Joe's you have not lived. Ok, that's a bit much, but it is amazing. It is like a discount drug store version of Whole Foods. (Something tells me the TJ's marketing department wouldn't appreciate this description.) Good, healthy food for a fraction of the cost! Cheeses are a third of the price there - nice ones! (It's no secret cheese bin, you're right Dupont Dwellers.) And you can get amazing wines for $4. Don't trust a $4 wine? You've never shopped Trader Joe's.

And all the employees wear Hawaiian shirts! You definitely don't get that at other stores.

It's like a grocery wonderland. But they aren't perfect. Some things you just need to supplement at a Safeway, or Albertson's...or Whole Foods. But what you can get there is fantastic.

I used to work three blocks from a TJ's. I would go there for lunch or pop in after work for some last minute groceries. I would spend Sundays standing in a line that wrapped around the inside of the Foggy Bottom store just so I could have my TJ's soup for lunch the next week.

Now, the closest one is in New Mexico, which is infinitely sad. For once it would be cheaper to just hit a Whole Foods...ho hum.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Karaoke Kraziness

Last week was National Karaoke Week and I think I did my part in celebrating.

Here's a brief recap of the week's festivities...

MONDAY: I was supremely tired from birthday-partying it up, having Apes visit, and a trip to Colorado Springs to see my parents, and there was nothing more I wanted to do than go to bed. But I didn't! Ohhhh, no! I drug myself to Finnegan's in Avon, bellied up to the bar, ordered a beer and veggie burger and turned in a song.

The karaoke D.J., the Sandman, has known who I am since basically the first night I was in town. Tyler, Carrie and I went to Finnegan's to celebrate my arrival on a Monday and, of course, I got up on stage. Having the D.J. know me is something I'm not sure I should be proud of or embarrassed about. In D.C., I would have given ANYTHING for the karaoke D.J. to know who I was so I could get past the line of eager singers and up on stage on more time. In a small mountain town...? I'm trying to avoid being "that girl." I think it's too late.

I sang two songs at Finnegan's and headed home with promises to The Sandman I would see him Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: The Unintentional Camper came to town to support my addiction with an evening at Loaded Joe's in Avon. He had never been to a place that was only about karaoke and, according to him, thoroughly enjoyed it. (Most of my D.C. friends know how to handle me when I get a karaoke craving. He is still fresh blood...)

Not only did the UC join me, but the kitchen store manager and her husband apparently stayed up well past their bedtime to hang out with us at the bar. And Ryan and Pat joined us a little later for a quick drink and to watch a song or two.

I would count Wednesday as a very successful night.

So successful that I decided I should go out on a high note, so to speak, and I didn't hit Paddy's Friday night as planned.

I did, however, sing in my car and the shower, both of which I think count.

Song list for the week:

Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Sin Wagon - The Dixie Chicks
Let 'Er Rip - The Dixie Chicks
Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's ALIVE!!

Since I have arrived I've had sitting around the apartment a box of seemingly dead plants.

I assumed they were dead because my once robust and beautiful geraniums looked like dried twigs sticking out of moldy potting soil. (I figured this was the likely aftermath of moving them in a cold car and the shock of less, and dramatically colder, air.)

Incidentally, I've been meaning to dump them out for quite some time, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Good thing, because yesterday I took a look at them again and two of the geraniums have leaves! I couldn't believe my eyes!!

The other plants should really thank those two because I've now decided to keep them all around a little longer to see what happens.

It's kind of like Night of the Living Dead. Crap. I wish I hadn't said that because they are in my bedroom right now...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Day Off Thoughts

I had today off from the kitchen shop. It was really nice to have a whole day with no out-of-town trips planned. I've been somewhere every weekend in April. These trips have been fun, but every now and then you just want to know you have a full day to yourself, even if it means doing nothing but errands and getting caught up on your personal "office" work.

That's mostly what I did, after a nice little breakfast of fruit, a left-over banana chocolate chip pancake and tea while gazing out at the pretty scene that is our backyard and reading...Cosmo. I feel like I should have been reading something much more homemaker-y or at least intellectual. But nope. Cosmo it was.

Then it was talking to the bank...talking to the insurance company...yadda, yadda.

I did turn in an application to be a summer reading mentor. I'm really looking forward to that - assuming they don't find me unfit to read with children. CK and I did that in D.C., and I really liked it. I think they're really in need of tutors and reading mentors, and I'm excited to hear back from them.

I also - hold on to your seats - transferred my flour and sugar into two big, old jars (the kind with the clamp down lids) I found at a thrift shop. I love them. There aren't a lot of "antique" shops around here like my beloved Luckett's in Virginia, but I've found a few five-star places I will go back to root around in.

An odd thing...I heard a helicopter today. This is really odd for here, I think. I haven't heard one since being here. In D.C., there is always something whirling overhead. Presidential helicopters, Coast Guard helicopters, DCPD copters looking for criminals... It just really struck me as out of the ordinary to hear a helicopter in my peaceful little valley.

I gave considerable thought to running my errands on foot. Carrie's apartment isn't far away from the "downtown," but it's still a good hike. I'm reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, who decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. He recounts an incident when he and his hiking buddy found themselves in town. They needed bug spray and Bill discovered he needed to go to KMart to get it. The guy who told him this informed him it was probably a mile and a half walk to the store. After being on the AT for miles on end Bill thought this was pretty funny. And it's true. A mile isn't really THAT long. I was inspired. But as my afternoon wore on and I started running out of time, I found myself in my car running my errands on my way to view an apartment, which, by the way, was ridiculous. It looked like a seedy road-side hotel room you would pay for by the hour.

That's about the extent of the day.

It was a very nice day off.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've been a little slow in posting this week. I've had lots going on (with it being National Karaoke Week 'n all!), so I've been a little remiss.

To the commenter - and obviously all the others - who are "dying to know" about NKW: I will update you after Friday night's outing! Hang tight!

Ok...on to other business. The below two posts are brand new.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 4

After much karaoke last night, and staying up to hang out with the Unintentional Camper for a bit, I needed some get-up-and-go this morning. We have mugs in the back we can use for coffee and tea. I was going to use one that had an oddly appealing picture on it of an overall-wearing rhino watering some giant flowers. Then I turned the cup over and saw it said in very large letters, "RHINOCORT A Nasal Spray." I chose a different mug. I just really didn't want to be the nasal spray girl at the register all day.

The banana chocolate pancakes I made for breakfast were quite delicious and fulfilling. And just what my wine and beer infested stomach was hoping for. Yum.

My Earl Grey tea is just what the doctor ordered right now! Feeling a little peppier.

Poor Unintentional Camper. He must be dying from exhaustion today after a long drive home.

BIG BIG news!!!! Carrie just told me her landlord is thrilled that she has someone to take over the apartment when she leaves!! It looks like I get to stay!! This is actually better than the fantasy I've had where someone walks into the kitchen store and asks me to house sit their billion dollar mountain home for the summer. When Carrie told me the news I had instant visions of me sipping tea and wine on the patio over looking the river right behind us. I actually jumped up and down at the store after we hung up.

Our manager has been using a ladder in the back room for some inventory stuff all day. It's right in the walkway to the gift wrap station, however, creating a rather precarious dilemma for me. With my luck there is no way I'm going to walk under it, so I've spent the day taking the long route through the store to the back room's back door.

I'm preparing an envelope to send and the address it's going to is apt. 304. This was my old apt. number in D.C.!

That's all for today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 3

I didn't really think I'd have a lot of these posts because I really don't want to talk a lot of shop, kitchen shop, that is. But, since my responsibilities at the store have recently changed I will have a lot more time on my hands, and that means a lot more random thoughts.

Here are some from Tuesday.

I eat a TON of hummus. I eat it basically every day. That's not really that abnormal (for me anyway), but I just feel like I've really upped my intake since being here.

I copied some good recipes today from a cookbook called the Buttercup Bake Shop. It's somehow related to the Magnolia cookbook I commented on earlier. I can't wait to try out some of the cakes!

A few of the ladies at the store and I have started working on the Vail Daily's crossword as a group. It's so slow these days there's not a lot to do but take a crack at it. Crosswords frustrate me to no end. I really think they're something I should be very good at, but I'm not. I normally get annoyed and throw in the towel. My goal by the end of the summer is to finish one!

Staring out at the store from behind the register while writing my random kitchen shop thoughts reminds of Linds C.'s The Cubicle. I've still never seen those Linds!

We play the same music in the shop for DAYS on end. I finally changed it out today. The new mix? A blend of a bluegrass version of the Dixie Chicks, Mancini plays Mancini, The Best of Billy Joel - Disk 1, and something from an Italian restaurant.

I was telling one of the ladies about my garden in D.C. earlier. I'm really going to miss it! And the peony! I might have to start some garden updates with a guest blogger and fellow plot sharer Sean.

That's it for today. Slow.

Monday, April 21, 2008


The week of April 20 is NATIONAL KARAOKE WEEK!!

Ok, their website could use a lot of work...but don't let that deter you from celebrating!

I have already planned to do the Valley's karaoke "circuit." This means performances Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I could find Tuesday and Thursday venues I'd be there too.

Start putting your song lists together now!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Road Rage Rising

I had my first real bout of road rage this evening since I've been here. I'm talking road rage at D.C. levels.

I'm in Colorado Springs for the weekend hanging out with my parents, who are in town for a conference.

After driving up and down Nevada Ave. about a hundred times looking for the resort, we finally pulled in to the parking lot near our room.

I had to back up to get into a spot, and at that exact moment a Minivan came careening around the corner and pulled up right behind me.

Now, I'm of a mind that car manufacturers put things like back-up lights on vehicles for a reason. Not everyone understands this, however, and so the Minivan sat.

Already slightly annoyed, I was not in the mood to sit there all night waiting for them to figure out they needed to move. So, with no danger in hitting the Minivan whatsoever, I decided to prod them a little by slightly backing up. And they honked.

Oh dear. The lesson to be learned here is: do not EVER honk at me when you are in the wrong. Their action, of course, warranted me getting out of the car and a further...conversation...when they parked two spots down from me.

Linds C. and Cins: Good idea in packing Road Rage Pills into my going away bag. Too bad I gave them to Tyler because I thought those days were behind me.

Birthday Update

I know I said I would post some pictures the day after my birthday, but that will have to wait.

We took all the pictures on Carrie's camera and she flew the coop for Michigan this weekend to attend a friend's wedding.

I'll post them when she returns!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

TO ME!!!

I will update everyone tomorrow on tonight's festivities!

Now go out and party! I will be!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 2

It's soooo slow now that the season has ended, and when I'm behind the register for most of the day I've discovered there is a lot of time for my mind to wander.

To things much I LOVE toast. I mean love it. From the taste, to the crunch, to the smell, to just how light and cozy a piece of toast with a mug of tea is. It's interesting how a plain ol' piece of bread can take on a whole new persona, if you will.

This thought crossed my mind as I considered my lunch today. I packed a piece of bread with the hope of making toast at the store, but ironically we have no toasters in the back for us to do this with. I was very disappointed.

A couple came into the store today with one of those little frou frou poodle-esq dogs with a turquoise barrette holding its "bangs" back. The woman actually said they were trying to grow its "bangs" out so they could clip them back more often. I smiled outwardly, but was secretly disgusted. First of all, I do not like little dogs at all. And secondly, I do not believe a dog should be wearing hair clips, sweaters, booties, or any other sort of accessory but a collar.

I have a complex now about gift wrapping purchases at the store. This stems from one package I did for a customer that ended up looking like a seeing-impaired kindergartner wrapped it. I'm sorry, that's not very nice, but it is exactly what my gift looked like. It was a large Cuisinart thing that nearly didn't fit the size of paper we have. I actually had to re-wrap it because the first time looked worse than the second. I was so ashamed when I handed it to the woman. It was for a bridal shower and I could tell by the look on her face that she planned to rip the paper off when she got home and redo it. I have spent YEARS wrapping presents and simply don't know what went wrong here, but wrong it was.

I passed a Honeywagon on the way to work today. I agree with Tyler this is a funny name for our area's trash trucks. It kind of makes the thought of grimy, gross trash a little more pleasant!

Has anyone ever noticed that when counting a cash drawer the dime total will nine times out of ten have an $.80 in it?

I had a visitor today. The Unintentional Camper totally surprised me as I sat behind the register tagging knives. He was supposed to come over tomorrow for my birthday, but unfortunately, I found out today, will not be able to make it. So, he drove an hour out of his way today to deliver a bottle of champagne, the desire for which I had earlier expressed to him. How nice is that? His surprise visit made my afternoon, and tagging knives, much, much more pleasant. Thanks, UC!

Well, that about does it for random kitchen shop thoughts today.

Until next time!

Finish Line (Or, Take THAT, Altitude!)

Today I ran a 5k - or 3.1 miles - NONSTOP! Did you hear that Altitude?! Non. Stop.

That's right, Altitude. You didn't get the better of me this time.

It might not have been my fastest time ever, but there was no pausing to catch my breath (after 15 minutes, and seriously thinking about it after seven) or throwing in the towel (after 20 minutes).

I ran the whole darn time, and you, Altitude, didn't bring me down (huh, kind of an oxymoron...).

I realize it might seem a little pathetic for me to get so super excited about running three measly miles, but with day after day of work out struggles, frustration and disappointment this is a big deal. Huge, in fact.

I was only on the treadmill, which I normally hate, but which I might start to like again. I think the treadmill might help train me up to running...outside. Ok, that's crazy sounding.

But not when it means getting me ready to run the Boulder Boulder, which I REALLY want to do.

I was so proud today because I basically ran half a Boulder Boulder. It was no Cherry Blossom 10-miler, which I was supposed to run a few weeks ago, but it's a start.

And, if I keep this up, hopefully a good finish. But I'll take just a finish.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Little Tea Kettle That Could

I dug into my "Wall of Life" in Linds' garage over the weekend because there were a few things I wanted to bring back with me.

One of those items was the D.C. mug Jess E. gave me as a going away present. When I got to Vail I saw a Colorado mug at the local Starbucks and just had to have it. I liked the idea of having one from each place.

I also found my tea kettle, which I really love having back! It's happy little whistle brought me some much needed joy this morning!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ski-Country Confessions

Today was the end of the ski season for the resorts in the Vail area.

Confession: I didn't go skiing once since being here.

Bigger confession: I've NEVER been skiing. Ever.

This is appalling, I know. Particularly since I have lived in Colorado and Wyoming for the greater part of my life.

I hate, hate telling people this fact too. It's like my Scarlet Letter - my shame. The worst part is I had absolutely no excuse, until maybe now...

A brief in the Vail Daily last week got me to thinking. It noted that more Colorado skiers had died this season than any other previous.

Now, I didn't get the nickname Lightning Rod for nothing. So I'm wondering, with my luck, if not hitting the slopes is such a bad thing after all.

That's what I'll tell myself from here on out - and people who ask the dreaded (and inevitable) question, "So, do you ski?"

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm in Laramie for the weekend hanging out with my best girlfriends. On the agenda yesterday was a birthday party for Linds' son's 2-year old friend, who apparently loves Pistol Pete, the Wyoming Cowboys mascot.

I also love Pistol Pete. Maybe not enough to invite him to my birthday party, but enough that I would nearly knock 1 and 2-year old children aside for my own picture with the celebrity.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mother Nature Strikes Again

We are getting something like two feet of snow right now.

I didn't expect this to be a problem since mountain towns have to deal with this all the time. This morning, however, I found myself sitting in traffic (yes traffic) that was reminiscent of a D.C. rush hour on the Beltway.

I don't doubt the area's ability to deal with lots of snow, and from the highway patrol in the intersection on the road I take to work, I can only assume an accident was responsible for the hold up. This meant "traffic" was redirected, forcing everyone to a side road, which resulted in moving about an inch a minute.

This was only a problem (for me) because I was on my way to an 8:30 a.m. staff meeting at the kitchen store and had to call in to say I would be late. I was reminded of a previous post in which I joked about Colorado employers expecting you to chain-up, or ski or snowshoe to work if snow becomes an issue.

So, I was a little concerned. Turns out I wasn't the only staffer detoured and I still have a job (which was in question yesterday after I incorrectly tagged some napkins and placemats).

Now, here I sit at my favorite little bookstore, killing some time and watching the snow fall before I have to go back to work for my regular shift.

Oh, and for those of you who have been following my posts and now my obsession with good foam...The Bookworm knows what's up.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dance Fever

I know I'm in a much more laid back atmosphere out here in good ol' Avon, and generally I really enjoy fleece and anything North Face. But seriously, sometimes a girl wants to get a little dressy, and when a good dance song comes on I expect people to dance - no matter where we are.

Tonight I joined Carrie at a birthday party for one of the chefs at the Ritz. The bar we went to was a very cool, but very locals kind of bar, which means, apparently, that no matter what kind of music is on the rule is you will only sit and drink your drink and not move any more than what it takes to lift that drink to your lips.

I even requested Rhianna's Don't Stop the Music, which I've been OBSESSED with for basically the last three months, but which several people here hadn't even heard - and were obviously not likely to dance to.

I also wore high-heels for the first time since I've been here, usually donning flats or my Ugg-esq boots or cowboy boots for my every day - and evening - attire.

But tonight that wasn't good enough. I wanted to dress up a little, so I did. And even though I was hardly in my most glamorous of go-out outfits, Carrie and I were the only two people not in mountain attire, be it a fleece, a winter cap, or some sort of vest, which out here counts as dressy.

Next week is my birthday and I'm tempted to go all out. Not like Vegas all-out, or 30th birthday all-out, but all-out for what I can get away with here.

And let me just say Dance Party U.S.A. will never have seen a dancier gal than the likes of me that night. So...look out Vail Valley!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Crazy Mother Nature

When I went to the gym this morning it was obvious it had snowed quite a bit last night, but it was actually pretty nice out.

An hour later this is what I drove home in:

Friday, April 4, 2008

First Wave of Reality

Tonight is the first night I'm really, really sad since I've left.

I just called one of my best friends in D.C. to catch up and he was hanging out with most of my other best friends there. Pretty much everyone was there - but me - doing what we would do on a Friday night...having some wine (and/or vodka and rum), having some fun, having lots of laughs at everyone else's expense...ha.

And I'm here tonight with no friends. Literally. Carrie left to see her parents for the weekend and Tyler moved out this morning. So, I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, my iPod, the computer, and am trying very hard, and not too successfully, to not cry. And, as a side note, my iPod isn't helping matters much. It's enjoying tormenting me with sappy songs that just so happen to perfectly fit my mood. Stupid, (yet weirdly sympathetic) thing.

OH! And the Beyonce/Shakira song I always wanted Cins and I to sing at karaoke just came on. I might have to pitch this thing in the river. Ugh.

Adios Roomie!

Tyler left today.

I'm actually quite bummed about this. Ask anyone after this last summer, when Tyler spent two months on my couch in my studio apartment, and my sentiments would have been quite different.

But this time we were in the same boat. This go 'round we were both living under someone else's roof. And, since Carrie has to work a lot, Tyler and I became like two little peas in a pod.

Since we both worked the late shift, one of our things to do together was to grab breakfast.

So, this morning we went one last time. To one of my favorite little places in the Valley, and the place T took me on my first morning here. The French Press.

We sat under this fantastic picture that I just love, love, love, and toasted with our lattes. Not quite the Guiness we normally would toast with (Guiness has become T's new nectar it seems), but the foam is similar, I suppose.

I mentioned to CK that Tyler left for good this morning, but he had a good point...Tyler never leaves for good.

So, even though I might be bummed, there is a sunny side...

No more pull-out couch for me. I get his room.

Hasta la vista Tyler!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 1

I've been at the register a lot since I've started my job last week. This is cool, I like interacting with the customers and stuff, but we're heading into a slow spot and there are definitely periods of...not a lot going on. So, one day I started noting some of my thoughts and observations as the time idled on. There may be more of these, so this post is Everything But the Kitchen Sink "1."

In my down time I've been reading cookbooks and copying recipes I want to try. My new love is At Home with Magnolia, which is just so darn cute! And the recipes look so great and easy (if not a little on the oily/buttery side, but that can be fixed).

I love the line in her introduction, "The greatest thing about having your own garden is being able to run out barefoot and pick a few ears of corn or a handful of green beans." Love it. And I'm sad I won't be in D.C. for mine, Jeff's and Sean's garden this year!

The other cookbook I have sitting out, but haven't opened yet is, Pie in the Sky: Successful Baking at High Altitudes. I think the cover is cute and rather funny/clever. I think this is a good cookbook to read because I imagine I'll get lots of questions from vacationers about high-altitude baking. I'm also curious to know if high-altitude is the culprit behind my Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe yielding cookies that were not so soft.

The past couple of days I've taken to having a cup of tea and a crepe for lunch at my favorite (aforementioned and linked to site) bookstore The Bookworm. Their menu is so fun! All their crepes are named after some literary work or reference, which is just adorable. Yesterday, I had The Odyssey and the day before...Choose Your Own Adventure. While I was sitting there a group of three ladies were having lunch and their knitting circle. They were having SO much fun and telling the funniest stories. I wanted to join them.

A guy, or I should say the only guy, I work with reminds me in looks and character of my good friend John H. in about 5-10 years. It's incredible.

The lady that does all of our table displays was here and let me tell you...she can make up a table that would put Rick A. to shame and perhaps make him weep.

Game on!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kitchen Catch-Up

Of most of my friends I've always been the one in the kitchen.

I learned how to cook when I was little; learning from my mom and aunts and grandmas, and just from pure experimentation. In high school I would hunker down on a weekend with a cookbook and some measuring cups and bake so many cakes, cookies, pies, quick breads, yeast breads, etc., that my mom had to essentially tell me to stop. Somewhere there's even a picture of me helping my Grandma McDaniel make stuffing when I couldn't have been more than four years old.

So, a job in a kitchen shop is pretty fitting, and I really like it.

Turns out, however, that for all I thought I knew how to do, I really know nothing about a lot of kitchen gadgets. This is mostly because I think there are too many contraptions out there that I can cook just as well without. I kind of like using the old-timey stuff that my grandmas and mom had to cook with. Because of this, and finances (some of this stuff is EXPENSIVE), I've never had a super nice, copper core, French-made set of pots to cook in, or a handy-dandy stainless steel meat tenderizer, for which I've found a fork to work just as nice.

Since I'm not as well versed as the other ladies in the store, and because it's important I get to know the shop's business from the ground up, I've been spending a lot of time at the register helping customers, trying to answer their questions, and learning what we have, where, and how it works.

And there is SO much to learn. Today, for example, we had a little staff demo from a company rep on some new salt and pepper-grinder balls. S & P grinders are something we have lots of, and who knew there would be SO many choices!

Anyway, it just goes to show there is always something to learn even if you think you're already pretty good with what you know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Only in a Ski Town

Saturday night I dragged Tyler out for a night on the town. We, or I anyway, had been planning this all week. We hadn't planned to meet a bunch of famous skiers, however.

The group included folks like Chris Anthony, who stars in Warren Miller movies, and a certain famous American alpine skier, A.J. Kitt. I've seen a few Warren Miller flicks and thought they were cool, but there is no way I would ever have known who Mr. Anthony (or Mr. Kitt) was until it was explained to me.

We also gave a ride to a random gymnast that night, but since we're in a ski town nobody knew who he was. I'm sure there are other towns where he is famous.

And, Chris Anthony was at the table next to me at lunch today, so I'm convinced he's following me. Which would only happen in a ski town, I'm sure.