Friday, April 4, 2008

First Wave of Reality

Tonight is the first night I'm really, really sad since I've left.

I just called one of my best friends in D.C. to catch up and he was hanging out with most of my other best friends there. Pretty much everyone was there - but me - doing what we would do on a Friday night...having some wine (and/or vodka and rum), having some fun, having lots of laughs at everyone else's expense...ha.

And I'm here tonight with no friends. Literally. Carrie left to see her parents for the weekend and Tyler moved out this morning. So, I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, my iPod, the computer, and am trying very hard, and not too successfully, to not cry. And, as a side note, my iPod isn't helping matters much. It's enjoying tormenting me with sappy songs that just so happen to perfectly fit my mood. Stupid, (yet weirdly sympathetic) thing.

OH! And the Beyonce/Shakira song I always wanted Cins and I to sing at karaoke just came on. I might have to pitch this thing in the river. Ugh.


Stacey said...

That's okay to have a sad night. There will be fewer and fewer of them as you make friends, and find new places to hang out!
I NEVER go out, or even leave the house for that matter - time does not permit! :)

Kelly said...

You posted this on the book club too. Did you mean to do that? :) I'm picturing you sitting alone with a glass of wine, typing through blurry eyes and not realizing where you were posting to. :D

You're sitting there with time to think about the hard reality that you're really, truly, actually gone from DC, and facing that is a good thing and would've happened sooner or later. Guess tonight's the night.

Take advantage of the opportunity to cry and sob and look at old pictures and crank up the sad songs. Heck, just do like I did when I was 10: write a fake letter, stick it in an envelope, put on "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Whitney Housten, then walk around the room lip syching and sighing and pretending like DC is your true love leaving on a train and that letter is the last goodbye. No, seriously, I did that behind the walls of mine and Stacey's bedroom and nobody knew what I was up to *heh heh heh*. :D

MOM said...

Kimberly, I think you are going through a life change. I know you will make friends where you are, too. It probably hits you worse, because Tyler is moving on, and no one's there. Hang in there. Knowing you, you will have a lot of friends there, too. Give yourself a bit of time.