Thursday, April 3, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 1

I've been at the register a lot since I've started my job last week. This is cool, I like interacting with the customers and stuff, but we're heading into a slow spot and there are definitely periods of...not a lot going on. So, one day I started noting some of my thoughts and observations as the time idled on. There may be more of these, so this post is Everything But the Kitchen Sink "1."

In my down time I've been reading cookbooks and copying recipes I want to try. My new love is At Home with Magnolia, which is just so darn cute! And the recipes look so great and easy (if not a little on the oily/buttery side, but that can be fixed).

I love the line in her introduction, "The greatest thing about having your own garden is being able to run out barefoot and pick a few ears of corn or a handful of green beans." Love it. And I'm sad I won't be in D.C. for mine, Jeff's and Sean's garden this year!

The other cookbook I have sitting out, but haven't opened yet is, Pie in the Sky: Successful Baking at High Altitudes. I think the cover is cute and rather funny/clever. I think this is a good cookbook to read because I imagine I'll get lots of questions from vacationers about high-altitude baking. I'm also curious to know if high-altitude is the culprit behind my Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe yielding cookies that were not so soft.

The past couple of days I've taken to having a cup of tea and a crepe for lunch at my favorite (aforementioned and linked to site) bookstore The Bookworm. Their menu is so fun! All their crepes are named after some literary work or reference, which is just adorable. Yesterday, I had The Odyssey and the day before...Choose Your Own Adventure. While I was sitting there a group of three ladies were having lunch and their knitting circle. They were having SO much fun and telling the funniest stories. I wanted to join them.

A guy, or I should say the only guy, I work with reminds me in looks and character of my good friend John H. in about 5-10 years. It's incredible.

The lady that does all of our table displays was here and let me tell you...she can make up a table that would put Rick A. to shame and perhaps make him weep.

Game on!

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