Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dance Fever

I know I'm in a much more laid back atmosphere out here in good ol' Avon, and generally I really enjoy fleece and anything North Face. But seriously, sometimes a girl wants to get a little dressy, and when a good dance song comes on I expect people to dance - no matter where we are.

Tonight I joined Carrie at a birthday party for one of the chefs at the Ritz. The bar we went to was a very cool, but very locals kind of bar, which means, apparently, that no matter what kind of music is on the rule is you will only sit and drink your drink and not move any more than what it takes to lift that drink to your lips.

I even requested Rhianna's Don't Stop the Music, which I've been OBSESSED with for basically the last three months, but which several people here hadn't even heard - and were obviously not likely to dance to.

I also wore high-heels for the first time since I've been here, usually donning flats or my Ugg-esq boots or cowboy boots for my every day - and evening - attire.

But tonight that wasn't good enough. I wanted to dress up a little, so I did. And even though I was hardly in my most glamorous of go-out outfits, Carrie and I were the only two people not in mountain attire, be it a fleece, a winter cap, or some sort of vest, which out here counts as dressy.

Next week is my birthday and I'm tempted to go all out. Not like Vegas all-out, or 30th birthday all-out, but all-out for what I can get away with here.

And let me just say Dance Party U.S.A. will never have seen a dancier gal than the likes of me that night. So...look out Vail Valley!

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Linds C said...

MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Please return immediately for celebrations and old man river with muppet rats.