Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Only in a Ski Town

Saturday night I dragged Tyler out for a night on the town. We, or I anyway, had been planning this all week. We hadn't planned to meet a bunch of famous skiers, however.

The group included folks like Chris Anthony, who stars in Warren Miller movies, and a certain famous American alpine skier, A.J. Kitt. I've seen a few Warren Miller flicks and thought they were cool, but there is no way I would ever have known who Mr. Anthony (or Mr. Kitt) was until it was explained to me.

We also gave a ride to a random gymnast that night, but since we're in a ski town nobody knew who he was. I'm sure there are other towns where he is famous.

And, Chris Anthony was at the table next to me at lunch today, so I'm convinced he's following me. Which would only happen in a ski town, I'm sure.

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Aaron said...

Kim... you have famous people following you and a hand full of friends that you are working up the nerve to ask "out." I think everything in Vail is just right for you. Think of all the excitement.