Friday, March 28, 2008

Greasy Eggs and Ham

My hours at work are from 11 or 11:30 a.m. until close, which leaves me lots of time in the mornings to get up, work out, check email, etc.

Today, however, Tyler wanted to go to breakfast.

After exploring the little nearby town of Minturn a couple days ago, I suggested we hit the Turntable diner. It looked divy and fun, and I had just read in the Vail Daily that it was a favorite spot for breakfast.

It was perfect.

The name isn't just a play on the word Minturn, it also defines the theme of the place. Inside it's all oldies rock 'n roll paraphernalia intermixed with pictures of historic Colorado and Minturn. Early 80s music pumped through the dining room and the hostess/server was everything she should be at a greasy spoon in a small town, complete with the raspy smoker's voice and several "darlins" and "huns" thrown in.

"Coffee?" "Yes," Tyler and I answered obediently. It's the kind of place that doesn't serve frou frou lattes with sugar free syrups. I got mine black to fit in. Tyler threw caution (and manliness) to the wind and added cream and sugar.

Our meal? Well, they certainly don't skimp on portions, that's for sure, and it was all for a meager $10 a piece. Pretty good.

The best part was when we left. I told T he had no choice but to take a picture with me in this:

It was like icing on the cake...or grease on the griddle.

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