Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 8 - Last Leg to Vail

The day really got started with lunch at the new Corona Village in Laramie with April and her family. I got to meet Jesse, her brand new baby (lots of babies on this trip!) who is adorable. Linds H. said she didn't like the new Village, but I kind of did. Having Taco Tuesday there might not be the same - nothing can beat the long lines and cheap tacos and beer in the dingy, crowded restaurant of our college days - but for a Sunday lunch it wasn't too bad.

After that I had to get down to the awful business of culling Planty. Oh, and it was SO awful. I felt like the bad guy in some slasher movie, hacking off Planty's limbs. I didn't do this with glee, however. I kept apologizing to him - and the two other plants I sacrificed (they weren't going to make it!) for their pots for Planty. I'm a cold-blooded killer...

I finished loading up the car and strapping Plant(ies) into the front seat by me. Linds thinks Planty is to me what Wilson was to Tom Hanks in Castaway. Hmmm...

Depart Laramie at 5:30 p.m., March 9, 2008. (Note: there are really no mile markers on this trip.)

230 W (WY) toward Walden, CO:
-I can't see out the back of my car any more than I could when I had the U-Haul. But at least I can use cruise control!
-I also can't see because the sun is RIGHT in my eyes. Wish I had the darned visor!
-The mountains are rising right in front of me. Love it!
-Feel pretty emotional right now for some reason. I'm excited, but disjointed, also a little lost, but like I'm on the path to finding me. I just feeling like crying right now for no good reason - but for good reason too I guess.
-I can't wait to get started on "The Book - Colorado Edition." Yes, I started one for Colorado long ago.
-A cloud just passed in front of the sun. Relief! At least for a moment.
-A National Forest sign. Don't see those everyday in D.C.
-There are so many fun log cabins with snow piled half way up them. I want one.
-I also want a dog. I am aching for a dog. Have been for a long time, but the size of dog I want wouldn't have been happy in my studio in D.C.
-I also want a Jeep Wrangler. A dog and a Wrangler have really been the only two things I've wanted for my Colorado life. For years now that's all I've thought. I would have bought a Wrangler after the Liberty was stolen and totaled, but another Jeep product in D.C. was not a good idea with my track record.

127 S (CO):
-Drinking my tea from the travel mug Linds C. and Cins made for me!
-I'm going to live in the mountains!
-My car takes forever to heat up.
-Been trying to give the one-fingered wave (no, not the same as flipping the finger, for those who are unfamiliar), but I'm getting no response.
-Maybe it's the D.C. plates. They think I'm a poser. Ha.

14 S (CO) toward Steamboat:
-Driving through snowy northern Colorado with all the ranch signs makes me think of books/movies like Centennial and Lonesome Dove.
-Carrie and I are already planning to go to Denver this weekend to hang out. Hope I have some going out clothes in the back of my car!
-Wide Open Spaces by the Chicks is on. The lyrics are SO appropriate! Particularly the second verse. (I would hyperlink this, but that's not an option on blogger right now! Annoying.) "Many precede and many will follow, A young girl's dream no longer hollow, It takes the shape of a place out west, But what it holds for her, she hasn't yet guessed."
-At Continental Divide 8772 ft.: Pacific Watershed (left)/Atlantic Watershed (right).

9 S (CO) towards Dillon:
-The mountains are actually glowing purple right now. Glowing.
-I love how mountain towns give the elevation and not really the population.
-The definition of a river out here is so different than that out east.
-Love being able to drive with my brights on.
-Last time I drove this stretch was with Kara on our way to Jenn T.'s wedding in Steamboat.

I-70 W (CO) Last stretch to Vail!
-I can't believe I'm almost "home." Whee!
-I wish I could adequately describe the way the moon looks over the mountains right now.
-I will never get tired of seeing the stars again. I say "hi" to Orion every night.
-How scary to be a runaway truck.
-There's the sign for Avon, Colo., where I will actually be living (right outside of Vail).
-Don't know what I think right now. I'm excited and a little nervous. Why am I nervous? I'm not really a nervous person.
-Avon next right!!!
-Here I go! I'm exited. Oh, man.
-Done. I'm almost to Carrie's. So weird!
-Whew - pulling into the apt. complex!

I'm here. It's official. My cross-country journey is over. Wow.

I live out west... (I can't believe it.)
I live out west... (It's sinking in.)



Kelly said...

Rub it in, why don't you. I think we'll all end up back West - the call of the Rockies is too strong. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
I'm gald you don't have to have a password anymore. I wasn't able to get in since couldn't remember my password, and it wouldn't give me another one. I tried to respond before about the MO license plates. The squiggly lines represent the two rivers, the Missouri and the Mississippi. Their plate says "Where the rivers run." I like their plate. It's a logo for a lot of things here. I still love Wyoming's plates the best. I'm glad you made it all ok, and your blog is very interesting, and funny, and sad all at the same time. It sounds like you enjoyed the trip. Good luck in Vail. We'll see you in April.