Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the Grind - An Attempt, Anyway

Today I have done two major things.

I worked out, and I searched for a job.

I figured it was about time to get myself back into a routine, something I haven't had in a little over a month.

During this time I've basically stopped paying attention to the news, stopped exercising, and...stopped working. But today I put an end to at least two of the three. I got up, actually read some headlines on the computer, then got myself to the gym.

I've been a little concerned about kicking up the cardio after what I'll call...a long rest. The higher altitude was definitely a factor here as well. But, it wasn't as bad as I thought, even though there were a few times I wondered what would happen if I fainted on the elliptical. Fortunately, I didn't find out.

Pounding the pavement for a job was a little like a work out as well, but in a different, less intense way. It required strolling into stores, shaking hands, and filling out applications.

Today's visits? A bookstore, a kitchen store, and Starbucks, where I had to go into some lengthy detail about my previous Starbucks experiences, why I liked coffee, and why I wanted to be a part of the Starbucks family. I didn't tell them it was because I aspired to make the most perfect foam ever (good foam is a big deal for me), but maybe they'll like my response just the same.

So, no job yet, but I at least started the process. And if I can keep up the reading/working out elements of my day I will feel pretty proud.

Next stop, a local pet store.

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