Saturday, March 8, 2008

On the Road - Day 7

It's strange to see your whole life stacked against a wall.

I spent the entire day unpacking the U-Haul and arranging all my possessions - at least the things I won't need immediately - in Linds H.'s garage. And in her laundry room, and there are a few things in her living room and a guest room.
The rest of my stuff is in the back of my car.

It's just funny to think that all of this was, until very recently, spread throughout an entire apartment. Divided between a wall and an SUV, however, it doesn't look like much.

I mentioned to Linds that it seemed kind of sad that this was all I had. But we agreed a moment later that my lack of worldly goods was a positive thing. It kind of fits the whole unfettered, come what may attitude and approach I am taking with my life right now.
And, it's kind of fun to feel like a hobo. No real home or job, and very few things I will be taking with me to Vail from Laramie. However, of all the things I don't have, the one thing I wish I did is a knapsack - just to complete the image.

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Kelly said...

My possessions are few as well. It's nice, isn't it? :)