Sunday, March 16, 2008

Full Circle

Years ago, when my family moved to Colorado before I started junior high, I was traumatized. I'm talking full-on crying across the country, I hate Colorado and you can never make me like it, traumatized.

However, as Carrie and I drove into Denver this weekend for some good ol' fashioned shopping (ok, she shopped - I still don't have a job and have no business shopping), I thought about how drastically my earlier sentiments had changed.

With this move I could hardly wait to get here!

I looked out at the Denver skyline wondering where all the things I had read about for years in Denver's 5280 magazine were. As we passed places I hadn't been to in ages I added to the already lengthy list of things I wanted to do. Stuff like going to the old steakhouse Traildust and hitting up Sheplers.

We'd made plans to go out someplace fun for drinks, but after a full day of the mall, dinner, Target and an exciting trip to WholeFoods, a movie was what sounded best. Carrie apologized for not wanting to do something downtown, but neither did I and truly, what do I care? I live here now! Again.


Kelly said...

Don't forget dancing at the Grizzly Rose. :)

Stacey said...

Don't forget the stock show!! Mountains, skiing, etc.! :) You're going to have to learn how to ski, so you can teach me and the boys when we come visit you! :)