Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Positively Beaming

I want to take a moment to share something I am very proud of...

I have just finished putting all my stuff away at Carrie's.

This is not monumental for most people, I know. But if you could've seen what I had done to her apartment with boxes and bags you would maybe feel the same way I do. Accomplished. And, as I told a friend earlier, kind of like a squirrel that has hidden its acorns everywhere.

You see, it's not just me who's staying with Carrie right now. Our friend Tyler is also here. And Tyler, being the first to arrive at Carrie's hostel for lost and wandering friends, has the guest room. I tried to put as little in there as I could out of respect for his space, but some things just couldn't be helped.

The rest of my stuff is stored creatively and unintrusively throughout the rest of the apartment. At least that's what I hope she will think.

I would like to be as unsquirrel-esq as possible when it comes time to move, however. So, I've been taking both mental and physical note of where everything is - including my stuff in Linds H.'s house in Laramie. I know that sounds geeky, but I'm hoping when the time comes, it will help me know where all my nuts are stored.

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Mom said...

I love Colorado. I'm happy we're going there in April. Actually, Dad will be there next week in Denver. The picture is beautiful you have posted. I'm sure the spring flowers are all in bloom.Oh, by the way, the narrow gauge railroad I think is in Silverton. The Silverton-Durango train.