Sunday, March 2, 2008


February has pretty much wiped me out. There's been a lot going on to get ready for my departure and lots of social events. And I've been sick, which I never am, but I can't seem to get rid of whatever it is I've got. Thursday night's wine and martinis didn't do a lot to help either - but I wouldn't take them back.

I woke up on Friday and just wanted to sleep. Particularly as I looked around my deconstructed apartment and the yellow walls that still needed painting back to white.

But I dragged myself out of bed and called Jenn to talk about Saturday's packing plan and if she could bring her truck.

As I was headed downtown to pick up some boxes and a dolly from her I had a mini breakdown in the car. I was a wreck! A sappy Top 40 song came on and the tears came out. I didn't feel well, I was tired, I was sad, I had so much to do and very little time left...I know, I know...cry me a river (this was not the song playing either!).

But it's true. This was my Friday.

I had one last take-out order from Sushi Taro, got it together and got packing. I also got a surprising amount done, with time left for a relaxing bath and to get ready for my going away party without rushing.

Kara came over to say goodbye since she wouldn't be able to make the party. Another one...

But the party! Linds and Cins did an amazing job! I love, loved it! There were Splenditos and Colorado Bulldogs as the drinks specials. Hilarious trinkets laying everywhere to help with the road trip and to help get settled in Colorado. And the "Kimmy Goes to Washington" book was absolutely awesome. There were friends there I hadn't seen in a while and some I had seen the night before. It was perfect.

CK leaving was the beginning of the waterworks, then John and by one I had to say goodbye to my family.

I must have been so caught up in this that I didn't notice my purse had been stolen one last time. Can you believe it?! Oh wait, I've asked that question before. I thought my bike would be the end of it, but no. Through some crazy miscommunication within the group it was gone. With my driver's license (kind of necessary for a long road trip) and all my access to money. Not to mention a couple really nice gift cards I was excited for.

So, one last time I was able to get everyone on their hands and knees turning over another bar trying to find my purse. Maybe I cursed myself with a previous post on this? Hmmm...

This is where I repeat the sentiments of another past post about how I have such great friends. Everyone stepped up, offered me cash, credit cards, whatever I needed. I hate that they had to do it, but I love that they did. They are great, great friends.

So that is how my going away party ended. It was awful at the end, but so appropriate. It just couldn't have ended any other way.

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