Monday, March 3, 2008

On the Road - Day 1

As my dad and I headed down the road I thought about how to handle the cross country portion of the blog. I don't know that I've hit on an exact formula, but I decided I would cover yesterday's trip anyway by mile marker and town.

So, here's a run down on some of the thoughts that crossed my mind as I crossed the country.

Departure from D.C.: approx. 8:30 a.m., March 2.

495 exit on Georgia Ave.: "D@*n it! I can't believe this! What in the world was I thinking?!"

At Germantown: There is a Ford pick-up in front of us with a guy wearing a cowboy hat, while John Denver's Country Roads song plays from Erin's CD. I take it as a sign.

Mile Marker 19 (MD): EmmyLou Harris sings Moving On. I wonder who will take over all the events throughout the year? Oh yeah, Linds C. who I bequeathed "The Book" to. Wow, when I told her she would be the keeper of "The Book" she screamed and gave an I-just-won-an-Oscar speech. (This is just the response I was hoping for.)

MM 25 (MD): Song, "...the best is yet to come and won't it be fine..."

MM 28(MD): Garth Brooks' Standing Outside the Fire. People have told me what I'm doing is brave. We'll soon see! It might be just plain stupid.

Junction at 76: We're really leaving town behind and appropriately the lyrics, "...I'll be seeing you..." are on the CD.

Just climbed Braddock "Mountain" at 985 feet. That's a hill compared to where I'm going!

MM 45 (MD): Blackhawk's Goodbye Says it All is on.

MM 40 (MD): Thinking about Cindy's comments on how appropriate it is all my boxes are from Trader Joe's and the liquor store.

MM 39 (MD): There aren't any Trader Joe's in Colorado. Sad!! How many songs was Erin able to fit on one disk anyway?!

MM 31 (MD): I wonder what percentage of the weight of my car is in Kleenexes?

MM 22 (MD): How did highways and interstates get assigned their numbers? Who decided it would be called I-70?

MM 17 (MD): Ventura Highway by America. I think (Ad)Ventura Highway. I'm so clever. ha!

MM 9 (MD): Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces. Seriously, the CD is still going. Wow.

MM 6 (MD): End of disk 1. Wow again.

Sideling Mtn. at 1300 ft.

Polish Mtn. at 1275 ft.

Just passed "Vale" Summit Road. Another sign!

Big Summit Mtn. at 2800 ft. Big...ha.

Meadow Mtn. 2870 ft.

Negro Mtn. 2800 ft. What a name...

Junction for 79: In WV now. Just passed a Wal-Mart. Soon this will be my major shopping center...

MM 5 (PA): I can't believe I'm moving to Colorado. And I have a low-fat chocolate chip granola bar thanks to Linds C. and Cins. Dad is enjoying my going away pretzels.

MM 17 (PA): There's a dead turkey on the side of the road. I've never seen a dead turkey as roadkill.

At Wheeling WV: Randy Travis Roamin' Wyoming comes on my iPod.

MM 215 (OH): We crack out Jenn T.'s hummus. DELICIOUS.

MM 196 (OH): I feel relieved for two reasons. I loved not having to go in to work this last week. Like Jamie said, anytime I feel sad just think of SDI. I'm also relieved to have everything done and be on the road, just heading to someplace where I can finally relax and rest.

MM 185 (OH): What did I ever do before iPods??

At Cleveland, OH: I can't believe I'm moving back. Weird!

Going through Zanesville, OH: Dad is telling me about Great Grandpa Sears and how he worked in a pottery factory in Zanesville. Also telling me how he learned to water ski on Licking River where Great Aunt Katie and Great Uncle Ernie had a boat. I didn't know dad knew how to water ski!

Dayton, OH: My first U-Haul buddy on the road! I wonder what people think as they pass me with the U-Haul. I know I always wonder where they're moving from and going to.

Eaton, OH, just before the Indiana border: Just witnessed an accident! A car just turned over in the median! It's in bad, bad shape. Smoking, smashed. Person looked like they were moving though. Lots of people on the other side of the road have stopped to help/call.

At the IN border: There goes a cop toward the accident. Good.

MM 16 (IN): A Colorado license plate! Another sign...

Just passed through Montrose, IL. There's a Montrose, CO. Signs everywhere.

Effingham, IL: I'm LOVING my salad from Subway. First meal of the day. We've survived off baby pitas and hummus, apples, bananas, pretzels and cheddar Chex Mix. Thanks again girls!

MM 199 (MO): My favorite quote from Friday night...John says, "Kim, I thought about paying a homeless man $20 to come in and threaten your life." Ah, those Florida and U St. days!

1 a.m.: I'm pulling into Hermann, MO. Jimmy Dale Gilmore's Another Colorado followed by Willie Nelson's My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys have just randomly played on my iPod.



Kelly said...

I stopped at the Trader Joe's note just to say I'm surprised there are none in Colorado, of all places - that's prime TJ country.

Kelly said...

You didn't know Dad knew how to waterski? I think there might be pictures.

This is a very detailed account of your journey, but I think you can safely say all the signs point to CO. :)

Kelly said...

Oh, and I now have "Roamin' Wyoming" stuck in my head, but that's okay. :)

Stacey said...

I told you, "There are signs everywhere" (quote from Fools Rush In). I've said it all along. You just have to look for them!