Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm starting to get antsy.

The lack of a routine, and a job, and a place of my own - and a plan in general - is starting to make me fidgety.

I don't do well with long periods of doing nothing - or not really having anyone to do anything with. It's been nice to have some time off, and I haven't wanted to rush any decisions, but now I'm starting to get sick of myself! Ha.

Today I emailed some of the PR firms in the valley to inquire about what a person with a communication background does around here. I also called the school district to find out how to become a substitute teacher, since being a teacher is what I may ultimately decide to do.

On top of this, I left a message about an apartment this morning so I could get the ball rolling on my own place.

Not a peep back from anyone - which just makes me more agitated.

My physical fitness here is starting to drive me nuts too. I've been hitting the gym and the running trail, but it's been kicking my butt. Today was better and I was able to run about five minutes longer than I have been, but it's frustrating to go from the mileage I was logging in D.C. to barely being able to make it through a quarter of that. There are a couple of races I'd like to sign up for, but I can't justify the money for them if I'm not going to be ready. Argh.

I just feel very keyed up right now. Maybe it's because I've spent the whole day doing nothing but laundry and sitting on the computer looking up phone numbers and sending emails out. I don't know. But I do know something needs to fall in line and soon.

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Kelly said...

Kimberly, you and I are complete opposites. You're the classic extrovert and I'm the classic introvert. :)