Monday, March 3, 2008

Pulling Away

Maybe it was because I cried so much in my apartment the night before, but pulling away yesterday was a remarkably dry affair - aside from telling Cindy bye at the car...that was a little sloppy.

I was a little nervous to get in the car at first because that would be so final. So, Cindy and I stood there and stretched out the conversation until there was no other choice but to hop in. Once I did though, I was - ok. I had already decided to drive around the block so I wouldn't have to go down 16th past my place. I had my moment the night before and didn't want to revisit it. So, 'round about I went to the hotel to get my dad.

As we headed toward 495 things like, this is how I used to go to Carrie's popped in my head. We passed Carter Barron which, I explained to my dad, is where we go every summer for the free Shakespeare in the park...

All these thoughts with only a bit of mist in the eye - no gasping or blubbering like I had totally expected, and I think my dad was as prepared as he could be to witness (and likely much relieved he didn't have to!).

I did take the wrong exit on to 495 though. Oops! My mind was preoccupied, and before we knew it we were heading east, which totally defeats the purpose of the trip, which is to be heading west. Yeah.

Once we got going I decided to put the CDs in that Erin had made me for the trip. That's kind of our thing. We used to listen to music in the Congressman's office when we shared office space and would make CDs for each other for all sorts of random events. While I was packing I ran across Babysitters Gone Wild disks 1-4. Don't ask...

The CDs, which I hadn't had time to put on my iPod, were a mix of songs with goodbye or driving or moving-on lyrics, and some songs that Erin said reminded her of me or us hanging out.

They were perfect. So well done! And instead of making me cry, they made me smile and feel good about what I was doing.

So, that's how I left D.C. behind. With fond memories and a smile as I headed, west!!

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