Monday, March 24, 2008

Working girl

In just a few days I will be a working woman again.

Saturday I accepted a job at the aforementioned kitchen shop and I am happy with the decision.

Not only am I happy with it, but I think the job may be a little preordained, and I probably shouldn't mess with divine direction.

When I first talked to one of the owners she mentioned their store's planned expansion and that the ability for them to find the right people to fill all their new positions was, "in God's hands." Then here I was asking if they were hiring.

Now, I've joked about me being a gift from God, but I really haven't meant it. Actually, I think it may be quite the other way around. There is a line in the movie Fools Rush In about how, "there are signs everywhere," and I've always believed that - even before the movie.

Taken by itself the above incident may not mean that much. But combine it with the comment from the same owner that her husband is a pastor who, come to find out at Easter service yesterday is now MY pastor, and I think we're on to something.

I just can't help but think this all lines up for some reason, and for me to turn my back on it would be to go the wrong direction.

The position will also be the perfect combination of the job I needed to take a step back and decide what I really want to do, while using some of my previous PR skills.

I've said all along I expected to have a job making the perfect espresso-drink foam. Little did I know this didn't mean me whipping it up myself, but rather selling the gadget to whip it with.

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Mom said...

That's funny, Kimberly, selling the gadget to whip it up with. God works in mysterious ways. I'm happy he dropped you in their lap. Good luck at work on Wednesday.