Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Spy

I keep getting all excited every time I see a Wyoming license plate in Colorado.

Though there are several Wyomingites in D.C., seeing a Wyo plate there is still kind of a novelty. Upon spying one, I would always wonder out loud, "Who could THAT be," then punch the gas so I could try to peer in their driver's side window.

A little stalker-esq? Maybe...but the chances of actually knowing that person were pretty darn good.

I've found myself doing the same thing in Colorado, as if Wyoming plates were an incredibly unique discovery here.

Not only do I realize how silly this is, but Carrie and Tyler are likely very tired of me gasping and trying to crane my neck to see who's in the car.

This is one game of "I Spy" on which I need to throw in the towel.

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