Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On the Road - Day 2

The second day starts with unpacking the U-Haul. My phone charger was packed accidentally and my phone is dead. No matter how long my dad and I stand there trying to memorize how my stuff was loaded we can NOT figure out how Jenn T. had it in there. It just won't go back in. I am super annoyed. Two chairs have been left behind in Hermann.

There's also a winter storm warning for most of Missouri with 6-12 inches expected. I need to get on the road.

Depart Hermann, MO, and my dad at 1 p.m., March 3:

I-70 west

MM 69.4 (MO): Sorry Linds C., but I'm not wearing the pink striped shirt today.

MM 88.2 (MO): Missouri mile markers are weird. They have one every 2/10 of a mile. And are very detailed.

MM 164.2 (MO): I'm surprised I haven't seen more U-Hauls. I guess winter isn't a big moving season.

MM 158.6 (MO): A Budget rental truck just passed. Looks like someone else is moving afterall.

MM 154.6 (MO): I wish I had a CB. Like a trucker. I've always kind of wanted to do that.

MM 143.8 (MO): Missouri billboards are crazy. One will be all religious and the next is for XXX porn.

MM 137.4 (MO): I LOVE the Hellogoodbye song Here (In Your Arms). Still.

63 north (MO) toward Macon, MO

The mile markers aren't as detailed. In fact there aren't any numbers. Must be an I-70 thing. Here is just a random string of thoughts up 63:

- If you really think about it the U.S. highway system is amazing.
- I need to call/text everyone who has been trying to reach me. So annoyed my phone died.
- I can't wait to use my new snowshoes!
- I love red barns. And Willie Nelson. These are not related.
- I **love** Chris Isaak. So good in concert at Wolf Trap!
- I hate not being able to go the speed limit. I haven't had to eat my "Road Rage" pills from the girls yet.
- Jupiter by Jewel is on. Contrary to popular belief this is the first song I ever sang for karaoke. In Glenrock, WY.
- The company called Ditch Witch cracks me up!
- Mark Twain Cave...never went to Luray Caverns! And I always wanted to plan that group outing. Darn.
- On the Macon water tower: Home of Toastmaster. Who knew?
- ARGH! I didn't call the credit union today to get a new credit card!

36 west (MO)toward St. Joseph

- I'm going to admit this to everyone...I love the Miley Cyrus song See You Again. I know nobody is surprised.
- I wonder what Lewis and Clark thought as they crossed the country. And what the land looked like back then. I think about that all the time.
- And what the world looked like in the time of dinosaurs.
- Ethel, MO. I'm glad my name's not Ethel.
- Salome just came on. This is latin dancing with Erin - particularly at the Austrian embassy! haha.
- Mussel Fork Creek. I'm going to miss really fresh seafood.
- I like the word naughty. Rihanna says that a lot in her songs.

29 north (MO)

Back to numbered mile markers with decimals. Must be an interstate thing not a highway thing.

MM 66.2 (MO): The thought of my white, empty apt. is sad.

68.2: I kind of feel like I'm just on a long trip. Then I look in the rearview mirror and see nothing but U-Haul - and Planty.

71.2: I wonder if the girls are on my doorstep with a bottle of wine...

75.8: The sun setting over the snowy Missouri fields is really pretty.

81.6: I've never understood Missouri license plates. The font and colors and the squiggly line all look very surfer-esq. Like Baja Fresh-ish. Not very representative of Missouri.

86.2: Beyonce's Get Me Bodied just came on! The song that got us all on the dance floor at my going away.

88.2: Cindy and Mariah on the dance floor Friday night. Step Up 3??

91.4: Lenny Kravitz lyrics: "Life is just a lonely highway, I'm out here on the open road, I'm old enough to see behind me, But young enough to feel my soul..." I've always loved this song. I used to put it on repeat when I was recruiting at Casper College.

92.0: Craig, MO. There's a Craig, CO.

97.2: Suddenly by LeAnn Rimes just came on. The lyrics are really cheesy, but remarkably appropriate!

99.8: Suddenly again.

103.8: Suddenly one last time.

113.0: Paco would love to be in the car right now - Take a Chance by Abba is on. A cross country road trip with Paco? Wouldn't work.

29 north (IA)

I have a lot of lame songs on my iPod.

Just turned on to 1-80 west! The last interstate I will be on until I hit Wyoming.

8:30 p.m. Arrive at my youngest sister's house in Omaha.

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