The Story

In 2008, after about eight years in D.C., I bucked my job and big-city life to return to the West.

It was a rash move.  I loved D.C., and my friends couldn't believe I would leave it.  But my last job was my last straw, so I decided to head 'em up and move 'em out - all without a job or solid future planned.

As I spent my last month packing and making arrangements I kept getting asked the same questions, "How are you doing?" "How's packing coming along?" "How are you feeling about the move?"

After answering these questions several times I decided I would start a blog about my pending move, documenting exactly how the packing was coming and how I was feeling.  If people wanted to know, they could follow!

I only intended to keep the blog until I pulled out of town.  But family and friends wanted to know about my new life and adventures, so I kept it up.

The blog has evolved from my great exodus, to my thoughts on the road, to my brief life in Colorado, to finally settling in Wyoming.

The URL still reflects that first phase, but I hope to change that and the overall look in the (hopefully) near future.

So, welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by!