Saturday, April 19, 2008

Road Rage Rising

I had my first real bout of road rage this evening since I've been here. I'm talking road rage at D.C. levels.

I'm in Colorado Springs for the weekend hanging out with my parents, who are in town for a conference.

After driving up and down Nevada Ave. about a hundred times looking for the resort, we finally pulled in to the parking lot near our room.

I had to back up to get into a spot, and at that exact moment a Minivan came careening around the corner and pulled up right behind me.

Now, I'm of a mind that car manufacturers put things like back-up lights on vehicles for a reason. Not everyone understands this, however, and so the Minivan sat.

Already slightly annoyed, I was not in the mood to sit there all night waiting for them to figure out they needed to move. So, with no danger in hitting the Minivan whatsoever, I decided to prod them a little by slightly backing up. And they honked.

Oh dear. The lesson to be learned here is: do not EVER honk at me when you are in the wrong. Their action, of course, warranted me getting out of the car and a further...conversation...when they parked two spots down from me.

Linds C. and Cins: Good idea in packing Road Rage Pills into my going away bag. Too bad I gave them to Tyler because I thought those days were behind me.


Aaron said...

I honked at two "gentleman" in Ft. Collins (old town) with my father in the car (also a mini-van). They threw a beer bottle at the windshield and needless to say, I was in trouble, not with my new "friends" but with my father. I still laugh at the "confrontation." Hope the Colorado Rack of Lamb was tasty.
Missing C470 and having that episode must have made you thirsty.

Tyler said...

Yes - again, the reason why Kim and handguns do not mix.