Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ski-Country Confessions

Today was the end of the ski season for the resorts in the Vail area.

Confession: I didn't go skiing once since being here.

Bigger confession: I've NEVER been skiing. Ever.

This is appalling, I know. Particularly since I have lived in Colorado and Wyoming for the greater part of my life.

I hate, hate telling people this fact too. It's like my Scarlet Letter - my shame. The worst part is I had absolutely no excuse, until maybe now...

A brief in the Vail Daily last week got me to thinking. It noted that more Colorado skiers had died this season than any other previous.

Now, I didn't get the nickname Lightning Rod for nothing. So I'm wondering, with my luck, if not hitting the slopes is such a bad thing after all.

That's what I'll tell myself from here on out - and people who ask the dreaded (and inevitable) question, "So, do you ski?"


Aaron said... don't have to ski to live in "snow country." Drinking is another alternative (sorry "mom" if your reading). I really think that hitting the slopes maybe once in your life may not be a bad thing. And remember, people die in their sleep, driving to work, and well...I guess the list goes on and on. I say strap on those sticks and make some turns. I'll teach.

Kara said...

Dear Lightning Rod,

Given your hasty departure from DC and your whirlwind month in CO, you are forgiven for forgoing ski season this year. However, it is only excusable for one year. Really smart people who know how to change the chemical composition of polycarbonate created helmets for you and me, and we should not use our tendency to injure ourselves as an excuse. I'll volunteer to help Aaron with the lessons (ask Hallmark...I"m a really good ski instructor!), if you'll agree to wear a dayglow ski suit and matching helmet. :)

K-Rad (as in radical)