Friday, April 4, 2008

Adios Roomie!

Tyler left today.

I'm actually quite bummed about this. Ask anyone after this last summer, when Tyler spent two months on my couch in my studio apartment, and my sentiments would have been quite different.

But this time we were in the same boat. This go 'round we were both living under someone else's roof. And, since Carrie has to work a lot, Tyler and I became like two little peas in a pod.

Since we both worked the late shift, one of our things to do together was to grab breakfast.

So, this morning we went one last time. To one of my favorite little places in the Valley, and the place T took me on my first morning here. The French Press.

We sat under this fantastic picture that I just love, love, love, and toasted with our lattes. Not quite the Guiness we normally would toast with (Guiness has become T's new nectar it seems), but the foam is similar, I suppose.

I mentioned to CK that Tyler left for good this morning, but he had a good point...Tyler never leaves for good.

So, even though I might be bummed, there is a sunny side...

No more pull-out couch for me. I get his room.

Hasta la vista Tyler!

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MOM said...

This looks very cozy. I miss Colorado. You two look like you are enjoying the warmth of the fire. Kimberly, the book you are reading A Walk in the Woods I thought looked good, too.