Thursday, April 24, 2008

Everything But the Kitchen Sink - 4

After much karaoke last night, and staying up to hang out with the Unintentional Camper for a bit, I needed some get-up-and-go this morning. We have mugs in the back we can use for coffee and tea. I was going to use one that had an oddly appealing picture on it of an overall-wearing rhino watering some giant flowers. Then I turned the cup over and saw it said in very large letters, "RHINOCORT A Nasal Spray." I chose a different mug. I just really didn't want to be the nasal spray girl at the register all day.

The banana chocolate pancakes I made for breakfast were quite delicious and fulfilling. And just what my wine and beer infested stomach was hoping for. Yum.

My Earl Grey tea is just what the doctor ordered right now! Feeling a little peppier.

Poor Unintentional Camper. He must be dying from exhaustion today after a long drive home.

BIG BIG news!!!! Carrie just told me her landlord is thrilled that she has someone to take over the apartment when she leaves!! It looks like I get to stay!! This is actually better than the fantasy I've had where someone walks into the kitchen store and asks me to house sit their billion dollar mountain home for the summer. When Carrie told me the news I had instant visions of me sipping tea and wine on the patio over looking the river right behind us. I actually jumped up and down at the store after we hung up.

Our manager has been using a ladder in the back room for some inventory stuff all day. It's right in the walkway to the gift wrap station, however, creating a rather precarious dilemma for me. With my luck there is no way I'm going to walk under it, so I've spent the day taking the long route through the store to the back room's back door.

I'm preparing an envelope to send and the address it's going to is apt. 304. This was my old apt. number in D.C.!

That's all for today.

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Aaron said...

rinocercort? Nasal Spray? Mug or medicine? Kim, you had a busy couple of days... drink some lemon water for the vocal chords and let those "pipes" loose! Congrat's on the apartment. see ya soon