Saturday, February 27, 2010


The moment I laid eyes on a squash blossom necklace it was the beginning of the end for me - I simply HAD to have one.

This epiphany occurred during my first Frontier Days a couple years ago in the Indian Village.  Everywhere you turn there is amazing Western jewelry and hanging everywhere are squash blossom necklaces.

It's out of control - kind of like my longing for one.  Every time I pass a display case with them in it I stop in my tracks and just want to die with desperation for it.  I lovingly run my fingers over them.  I try them on.  And ultimately, at generally upwards of $700 a pop, I put them back...walking sadly away.

Todd has even said he thinks he might have to give me an engagement squash blossom versus a ring.

The thought gave me pause.

Then one day, a month or so back, Todd and I went to the Eclectic Elephant, an antiques place in town.  And there in the display case lay a beautiful turquoise squash blossom - and a sign saying all jewelry 50 percent off.

O - M - G.

I knew I still couldn't justify the price, but I had the sales lady pull it out just the same.  I just HAD to see what the discount would knock the price down to...



I was momentarily stunned - could I have some crazy, CRAZY find on my hands?? - before my good sense came back and I knew, with great disappointment, it wasn't real.

But did I care?  I had to ask myself if I could in good conscience wear an IMPOSTER.  Wouldn't I be a poser?  A total wanna-be?  Yes.

But I told myself I wouldn't wear it around town.  I'd only wear it in states outside the Western ones. Nobody would know then...

I bought it.  I just couldn't help it.  How in the gol-darn world could I pass it up??  I put it on in the car and wore it ALL night long.  Todd told me I was like a kid who couldn't wait to play with a new toy.  I'm ok with that.

And one day...not being able to take it staring at me from my dresser any more...I wore it to work!

I was apprehensive.  What would I say when people inevitably ask me where I got my squash blossom - because people always do.  And they did.  So, I came clean. But nobody judged.  Instead, they cooed over it!  One coworker even told me I should have it examined to see if it's worth more because, she said, she would never guessed it to be a FAKE.

What does it look like...?  Take a gander... The flash lighting is really annoying, but you can still see it.



I still don't think I'll have the guts to pull it out during Frontier Days, but who knows?  I'm so crazy happy about it I'm becoming almost brazen about wearing it.

Who'll know?

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