Monday, February 15, 2010

Very neighborly

Todd and I have a neighbor, Angie, who is straight from Greece.  She is the sweetest, little ol' lady who loves to invite us over for Greek coffee.

She called today to see what we were up to, soon after which we were sitting around her table with cups of chocolaty tasting coffee eating biscotti-like Greek breads.  But not until she gave us a tour of the upstairs of her house - and a shot of Ouzo.

That's right.  Todd simply asked about two vases she had in her kitchen window wondering if they were maybe for oil or vinegar.  They were, in fact, empty Ouzo liquor bottles.  That kind of makes her sound like a drunk, which I really don't believe she is.  I think she's just had them for a long time, doling out shots to visitors and not taking "no" for an answer.  She also told Todd to take the vase and me a leftover parting gift from a wedding, and wouldn't hear otherwise.

Angie is always baking and cooking Greek foods that she lavishes on us: breads, dolmas, a snack kind of like granola only made with wheatberries, and soon to come, she says: spanakopita, something I LOVE.

And she has offered several times for us to go back to Athens with her and stay in the apartment she still owns there - within walking distance from the Acropolis!

Now, that's neighborly!


Stacey said...

Don't forget to take me when you go to Athens!!!!

MOM said...

She sounds really interesting, and I love the bottle. Heck, I'd try to go with her...just think she could show you everything about Athens, you could meet her family and friends, etc. I wonder if she ended up in Cheyenne because of her husband's work.

Kelly said...

That's cool. You should take her up on her offer, even though I would be jealous. :)