Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Rigby has a bark!!

A full-fledged, throaty, big-boy dog bark!


We knew he had a voice.  He's whimpered, whined, squeaked, and made little yips in his puppy dreams.

But a BARK??

Not once.  Not EVER.

But our renter has a six-month-old puppy, Ella, who I think Rigby likes, but sometimes has a hard time having her around.  I think it's the whole "this is my space, these are my people" kind of thing.

So, I just let them both in from going to the bathroom and out of nowhere there was a scuffle.  A few deep barks and some growling.  The workshop is dark so I couldn't actually see what went on very clearly, and I was so stunned I seriously stood there staring blankly at them before I said out loud, "Was that YOU Rigby?"

I know Ella's bark.  She's still young and has a higher pitched puppy bark.

Then it happened again!  Bark! Bark! Growwwwwl. And a little whine from Ella who was cowering on the floor.

This time I knew.  Rigby had barked.

Of course, I immediately called Todd.  It was like our baby had said his first word.

But here's the mystery: Why has Riggs never barked before?  He's been around far more aggressive dogs and never a peep.

So.  It's confirmed.  Our baby boy has a bark.

Doesn't that sound like it should be some movie title, like, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, or something?


Stacey said...

Maybe because he's never been around a girl he liked before and he's showing his manliness! :)

MOM said...

Wow! That's monumental! That's great. I wonder what prompted it now? She was probably in his space.