Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That's what Todd and I have become!

Not really.

But we have become landlords.

Our darling Cheyenne house rented yesterday - a HUGE relief!  With the new house mortgage starting this month it was absolutely essential we get the Cheyenne house rented.  Otherwise, I joked to friends, the next time they saw me I'd be super thin from living on Ramen alone.

We think we have good renters, but we're still a little nervous.  Handing your home over to people you don't know is kind of disconcerting.  You hope they don't destroy it or do stupid things to it.

The renters are a young couple who are expecting a baby in August.  I think the girl is very excited and proud of her new home, which makes me feel better.  That and the fact she was already weeding the flowers last night - a day and a half before their move-in!  She's obviously motivated.

So, here's to our first foray into property management.

I hope our lil' home survives.


MOM said...

Ahh...a gardener, or at least a weeder. Sounds like she will have some pride in the place. Good luck with it.

MOM said...

I think it will survive, Kimberly. Hopefully the new people will enjoy it and take good care of it. That house seems to have "karma" for you. The people you bought it from seemed to really like it for the years they had it.