Thursday, July 1, 2010

Todd Cousteau

Todd is a highly credentialed diver!

I knew this, and knew about his easily half-ton scuba trunk with all his gear packed inside, but I had never seen him dive.

Until last week.

He volunteered to help the (water) ski club at Alcova look for a cable used to tether their slalom course, which had been cut by vandals and was resting somewhere on the lake bottom.

Getting geared up...

He's under - somewhere around that flag.  It initially made me a little nervous to watch because I wouldn't want to be down there, but also I was worried he might drown. He didn't, of course...

Todd Cousteau...!

He didn't find the cable, which was fine.  But we did get brats and kraut with one of the members and his wife  at their camper!


Anonymous said...

I could never scuba dive - it would freak me out. :)

I remember at Arapaho, Carrie was wanting quotes for the yearbook, and at the time I wanted to be a marine biologist, so I gave her permission to make up a quote about Jacques Cousteau being my hero. hee hee hee hee hee.

MOM said...

I remember that, Kelly. You always wanted to be a marine biologist. You liked whales and dolphins. Remember the whale print material?

MOM said...

Tell Todd I think that's really neat that he has this ability. Sure makes life interesting, doesn't it? I bet it was weird seeing him go down under, wasn't it, Kimberly?