Friday, July 9, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Clean

Yesterday was maybe one of the happiest days of my life:

Our washer and dryer arrived!

Ok, it might be a little dramatic to say it was one of the happiest days...but it's right up there.

We've been without a washer and dryer since May 28 when we closed on the new house.  As you can imagine, we've amassed quite the mountain of laundry.  We did do a few emergency loads at the Cheyenne house on one of our trips down to get stuff, but that didn't really make a dent.

We ordered the new appliances about three weeks ago and have been awaiting their arrival with as much excitement as a kid looking forward to Christmas.

The big delivery stork with our exciting arrival...

We debated for months about what set to get.  Do we drop big bucks on the front loading kind?  We were hesitant...but it saves money over time with water and electric efficiency.  You don't know the back and forth we had!  We finally decided on a sale price front loader...

Up and running!  But we almost weren't.  Before we could get going we discovered they delivered an unmatched set!  The washer was correct, but the dryer was not what we bought.  We called Sears to check, and as it would happen the sales lady ordered the wrong dryer.  I nearly had a coronary.  She told us we could keep the wrong dryer - and use it - until our new one came in and we could make the exchange.  Lucky for her she offered that solution...I was ready to drive to the store and raise hell!  We were NOT going to wait any longer for clean clothes (I know you're thinking what's wrong with the laundry mat?  Aside from the obvious 'lots of things' it was down right expensive!  We tried going this route and walked out.  I'm fine with paying a couple bucks to clean my clothes, but $5 or more??  I think not.)

The funny thing about these?  They play what I call a Pied Piper tune as you're unloading.  It's funny and annoying all at the same time.  But I'll put up with it for clean clothes.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind drying my clothes at the laundromat, but washing them there is gross, and makes your clothes all grimey. Don't they have some Pied Piper thing at the Denver airport, or was that DC?

MOM said...

The sound would be annoying to me, too. At the lake, we have the dryer and washer we bought from Jack. The dryer definitely lets you know when it's done. It goes into a cool down mode, first, which sometimes is annoying, too, because the clothes may not be all the way dry, and it's already spent the time and energy to go into the cool down mode. Oh well...I wonder what went through the sales lady's head when she ordered the set? Didn't she check out and make sure they went together...obviously not. Good luck with it. I'd rather go to the laundromat and wash the clothes than go 2 months without washing!

artemisia said...