Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Capital Christmas

The Governor's Mansion has hosted a couple holiday open houses this week, complete with free food and hot chocolate for anyone that wants to stop in.

Of course, I'm one of those people.

After the Christmas tea with the girls yesterday I decided to pop over and see what was up.

Wyoming is such an open and trusting state. Pulling in to the Governor's Mansion was like pulling into a relative's house. I parked the car in the drive and walked right up and into the house like I was going to borrow a cup of sugar.

Our first lady, Nancy (I feel like I could call her Nance...), helped greet visitor's at the door and later milled around mingling with all the people who had stopped in.

Inviting anyone and everyone into the residence to hang out and enjoy some pretty nice treats is a generous thing to do. And something I doubt many other governor's homes do. I thought it was a nice Wyoming touch.

I had been to the governor's house for dinner a couple times when I was in student government in college, but that was years ago. However, the place hasn't really changed much from what I can remember:

Walking up to the front door...

The living room area you enter just inside the front door. You can see the governor's Christmas trees in the back...

Round the corner to the back was quite the spread! It was much nicer than I expected. I thought maybe some Christmas candy and a few cookies, but there was stuff like spinach artichoke dip... well as the candy and cookies. I really liked this tray of gingerbread folks. They were cute and for some reason funny to me...

From the food table looking back in to the living room...

They were giving tours of a new guest area created for overnight visitors, but my camera died about then. You'll just have to take my word that it was nice.

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