Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last night in the current house

It is the last night in the current house.

Realizing we were only one day away I started packing the kitchen this morning and a little over lunch. Progress, no?

Ok, it's not much, but we do have one real thing accomplished: We went to my boss's house tonight to get her husband's flatbed trailer for tomorrow.

We came home prepared to get some real work done, but after an old friend called who needed to talk we decided to just be done.

No biggie...I'll tackle it tomorrow.

No choice now!

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MOM said...

Now you're all moved in, and then can tackle the boxes. I know it's a mess now, but it will all come together,little by little. I remember when we moved to Littleton, CO. We left the boxes that we didn't need to empty right away, and went to the mountains every weekend, for a while.