Saturday, September 19, 2009

One week

Next Friday is a big, big day!

Todd signs on the house and we start moving in!

We just can not WAIT until we no longer have to set up an appointment to go over, but can just turn the key and walk in.

And I can't help but show it off. We've been over several times in the last week - either by invitation or doing ride-bys on our bikes - and have brought friends and family with us several times.

We went over on Friday with my parents to take one last look at all the stuff the current owners are getting rid of. They are selling just about everything they have and are taking their little vintage Scotty camper to Portland to spend their days with their kids and grandkids.

The very night they accepted Todd's offer they told us we could have first pick of anything they were going to sell. Which is incredibly nice of them and for us. They have/had? such great stuff! We got a lot of really cool rugs and lamps, a dining set, chest, a cute leather chair, lots of tools for Todd, and much more.

This weekend they're having a living estate sale and I brought friends over to check out what was left (and yes...that includes the house!).

The general consensus? That it's super nice and cute - which, of course, Todd and I already know!

Now, to get through one more week of another move and then it can be OURS!

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MOM said...

We even came away with a few things...Deco fan, winter scene flannel sheet set, duvet cover, pom-pom white chenille bedspread. Fun sale!! The house is in great shape, Kimberly, and I know you and Todd will give it your own personalities. Have fun, and good luck with the move this week.