Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I pretty much felt like a total failure earlier this week.

I made a little resolution that didn't last very long: to run at least one mile every day for a year.

I was inspired by Linds H.'s husband Nate who did this last year.  And there's a lady on twitter who I follow and vice versa who is doing the same thing.  Only she's at day 800 or 900-something and I made a little over day eight.

Since I've kind of fallen off the wagon with running consistently I thought this would be a great way to get me back on track.

But I didn't feel great on Monday and there my resolution went...down the tubes.  So, after beating myself up for not going and a pep talk from Todd I decided to turn that frown upside down and rework my plan.

Now the goal is to make at least 365 miles this year, which should be completely attainable.  Actually, I have a bigger goal than that, but I'm only choosing to publish the small one to avoid public humiliation if it doesn't pan out.

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MOM said...

It's to be 50 or more on Mon. and Tues. in Hermann, and I want to get my walking started again. It will be like a heat wave. That sounds like a good idea, Kimberly and maybe I'll try that, too.