Friday, January 29, 2010

Times two

Two is typically better than one, right?

I'm happy I have two hands and two eyes (I would hate being a cyclops).  Doublemint gum built an entire product and campaign on the idea that twice the mint would double your pleasure and your fun.

And let's not forget that Noah rounded animals up by-two onto the ark, which segues nicely into the idea of having two dogs.

I have decided two dogs would be better than one.  Not because I don't love my one dog, but because I love him so much I want him to have a playmate.

I am completely stuck on this idea.  When I first started talking about it Todd said he agreed, but now I think he was just humoring me.  When I told him today we needed to call on some dogs this weekend he balked.  But I'm not giving in.

Rigby's a social puppy and I think it would be good for him to have another dog around when Todd and I are gone to work all day.  I also think it would help socialize Riggs with other dogs, something he's still not very good at.  Everyone I've mentioned this to just happens to have two dogs and they agree - two is better than one.

So, our little household may be expanding...if I can pester Todd into being completely on board.


Stacey said...

Can I say that is the same reason we got Boscoe for Ruby when we were having Owen because Ruby was our baby and we thought she'd have a meltdown when Owen came. Yes it's true they entertain each other more and so forth, but for sanity reasons of the owners I would tell you NOT to get another dog.
Especially having 2 dogs and 4 children, we can't even take them on walks or anything anymore because both Tony and I have our hands full with two kids per adult.

MOM said...

I would also suggest against it. Double dogs into trash, etc., and double vet bills. I love dogs, but you guys travel sometimes, and would have to find someone to take two... two...two... doublemint dogs:)I'm sure he would love playing with another dog, but whew!

Anonymous said...

I suggest for it! One is the lonliest number that you'll ever know! I think you and Todd can swing it. Besides, you're both active outdoors and would have no problem taking them on walks and stuff - one dog for each of you. Go to the Cheyenne shelter and see what they have to offer. Or just drive around looking for a stray. When you travel, just take the dogs with you.

All that said, cats are so much easier to take care of. :)