Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Playing footsie

These are not my feet, but that's how my own tootsies felt after indulging in something I haven't since leaving D.C.:  pedicures.

That doesn't mean I've let my feet go nasty and gnarled - I've been keeping up at home.  But nothing compares to going to the salon to get your toes done.  Nothing.    

I love pedicures. L.O.V.E. them - in a way that just can't be expressed completely in type.

I love the choosing of a color (something I take as seriously as if I was picking baby names).  And sitting in a massage chair reading trashy magazines with my feet relaxing in hot water, while ladies who speak another language chat with one another as if their customers aren't there.


So, why haven't I done this since D.C.?  Because I just couldn't justify the extra expense. 

But I'm going to Vegas this week for work and Annie, my friend and coworker who is also going, and I decided we wanted to get pedis before heading out.

It was, to say the least, pedi perfection.

And something I won't go this long without doing again.

Ahhh............. *sigh*


MOM said...

These look just like your feet, Kimberly. I know you had to have loved the pedicure...what color did you pick?

Kim said...

I actually kind of thought they looked like my feet too, but they aren't. And, funny enough, I chose a color very similar to the one on the photo!