Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lunch Longings

I've never really been one to go out for lunch every day, finding it more economical for my wallet and my waist if I bring my own.

Today, however, innocently sitting at my desk working on an article, I was struck with a very out of the blue thought: I really want a build-your-own salad and slab of bread from Cosi.

Oh man.

The number of BYO salads I have eaten from that chain is beyond counting. I have gone days on end eating them. It really started when I worked in an office downtown D.C., that was right above a Cosi. Not loving my other options in the area I would inevitably find myself choosing ingredients and munching on bread samples in the lunch line there.

I haven't once thought of Cosi since leaving D.C., and all of the sudden there it was: a sad longing for greens with low-fat ginger soy dressing and a hunk of their amazing - truly amazing - bread.

It was at that precise moment that Jonna called to say she was in Cheyenne shopping and would I like to go to lunch? A trip to the sushi place curbed my Cosi craving, but I'm worried it won't be for long...

I just peeked at their website to check locations and unless I want to drive to California, Oklahoma or Texas, I'm out of luck. And knowing I can't have it makes me want it a bit more than before.

So...I'll be expecting Cosi care packages from D.C., friends any day now, hint, hint...

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