Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Speaking of Worlds...

Yesterday was a whole new one.

A colleague and I had to meet up with K2 News, a Casper t.v. outlet, for work yesterday, and it just so happens their Cheyenne office is in the capitol building.

My coworker and I walked up the stairs to the front of the building, walked through the big front doors and, interestingly, kept right on walking to the K2 office without having to stop once for security purposes.

There were no metal detectors, no "capitol police," no getting wanded because your high heels set the detectors off, there wasn't even anybody who wanted to peek inside your purse. There was somebody behind a visitor desk, but they didn't say a word to us as we just breezed on by.

I know it's Wyoming 'n all, but still - it's the capitol!

I was amazed at how no one ever asked us our business, even as we went in to each of the chambers and meandered the halls waiting for our meeting to start.

Darn it all - it's things like this that make me love being back here.

It's just SO Wyoming, and sometimes SO a different world.

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MOM said...

That is strange, even in Cheyenne. Especially in Cheyenne, more than any other city in Wyoming. It's nice, but alarming.