Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's Baa-ck!

But it wasn't for very long.

Tyler came blowin' into town last night like a tumblin' tumbleweed.

On his way to Omaha to see his sis, he stopped in Cheyenne to hang out for the night and check out my new life.

I showed him around town, we had dinner and drinks, and as T and I do, we went to a divy diner for breakfast.

This morning's pick was the Luxury Diner. Once inside, it really is more luxurious than a true divy place should be. But I still like it.

The place is a converted old rail car that doesn't seat very many.

They have a typical greasy spoon menu with eggs, burgers and such. But they also have some healthier options, which I think is nice (and which goes against everything a divy restaurant should be, I know).

One room is pretty devoted to trains, while the other has more of a 50s pop-culture theme.

The waitresses keep the coffee comin' and are down right attentive and nice.

After breakfast Tyler rode off into the...mid-day sun. I was bummed, but glad he got a taste of ol' Chey-town - literally and figuratively.

The lap o' luxury...

Since 1926 and still goin' strong...

Tyler agreed that his huevos rancheros were quite memorable...

Inside the train room...

Another greasy spoon success story!

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MOM said...

That place sounds pretty neat, Kimberly, and yummy for breakfast. Hi Tyler, hope your trip to MO is a safe one. Octoberfest is still going on in Hermann for one more weekend, so maybe a trip to Hermann. I'm sure you had fun showing Tyler around, Kimberly.