Sunday, November 15, 2009

Annie Oakley!

I had big plans to bake all this snowy Sunday, but then Todd wanted to take me pheasant hunting and all my kitchen intentions flew the coop.

We got me a one-day license and some blaze orange and headed out.

I may not be a quick draw or marksman or any other word that means "good with guns," but I'm not a complete novice either. I took archery/riflery for a P.E. credit in college earning my hunter's safety while at it! And I've shot trap and skeet, which is maybe not something to brag about, but it was fun, so whatever.

Anyway, we didn't see one single bird.

But I look like a pro don't I?

Can't go hunting without your partner...

Aw. A girl and her dog. Look at how adoringly he looks up at me... :)

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MOM said...

I love these pictures, Kimberly. You always wanted to work for the forest service, remember? Awww...Rigby sure trusts you and loves you, you can tell.