Monday, November 16, 2009


We gave Rigby his first bath tonight. We've been wanting to do this for a while since we don't know where he'd been before we got him.

Really, he did pretty good! He didn't mind the scrubbing as much as he did the shower head. And Todd got only moderately wet while I sustained a minor claw wound to the thigh.

But, now he's puppy fresh!


Stacey said...

You're better than us! I don't think Boscoe has ever had a bath, but he is IMPOSSIBLE to wash. I guess he did have a few baths as a little puppy, but since he's been a big hairy dog he hasn't.

Ruby is so hard to keep up with on baths. She rolls in the mud, poop, whatever she can find and immediately stinks 1 day after giving her one. Plus she has such fine hair and it matts and tangles so bad, we just try and get her groomed a couple times a year. Which needs to be done this week.

MOM said...

HaHa! He looks like he's hanging onto all 4 corners of the shower, and his tail wrapped around something. I think he definitely needed it. He didn't get one after I brought him home. I hope your wound is ok. Kelly found out trying to give Pringle a bath, that it was almost deadly. She was about to get clawed to death.Rigby's got to get cleaned up for his Thanksgiving trip to Wisconsin and Omaha, so he can be a handsome guy.