Monday, June 8, 2009

And the law won

After making my way home from Jackson, Wyo., on Saturday I still had it in me to go down to the Atlas Theater downtown Cheyenne for a little CD release party I was privy to.

The Law North of Crow Creek, a band of prominent lawyers in town, was having a little get together to play for their friends.

Justice Hill, who Linds H. works for, invited me to go a few weeks back. I didn't want to miss out - no matter how long of a day it had been!

They are pretty darn good, playing lots of old cowboy songs and some covers. And they're so funny! They had the crowd cracking up between songs.

They're a modest band that has a good time playing. If you're ever in Wyoming Home in Cheyenne you can pick up one of their CDs!

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MOM said...

I like their first CD, too, and would like to have their 2nd. I think it's great that they are doing this. In our little town of Hermann, our utility supervisor, a winery owner, and a few other guys have a band, and are playing all over town. They're good, too.