Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Second Life"

People can give me crap about being addicted to Twitter, but so far I haven't seen any reason not to like it. I get interesting information, learn about new things, and "meet" cool people who I might not have a chance to otherwise "know".

I'm just a very social gal. And while I still very much appreciate meeting and knowing someone "in person", I just enjoy being social in lots of different ways.

That's why I so readily agreed to meet up with @TheHollyLane yesterday when she asked me last week if I'd like to get together for coffee. She's seemed so cool online, and it sounded like a great way to meet a potential new friend in Cheyenne!

We went to my beloved City News and what I expected to be an hour long conversation turned into over two! We talked about work, living in Cheyenne, being Twitter and blogger addicts, I got the story on how she and her husband met (and it's a good one!), we talked about mutual friends and how we hoped to meet up again...

She's every bit as cool in person as she appears online and is very genuine and fun. And she treated to coffee! How nice is that??

Check out her blog here. She's got some great stories and you'll love reading about her life as a cowgirl!

And next time, Holly, drink's on me!


Greg said...


Kelly said...

You're the perfect candidate for Twitter since you are so sociable. Like I said, mine would be...

"Woke up."
"Went to work./Off work today."
"Fed the cats, then read a little."
"Drank iced tea - added sugar this time."
"Watching Letterman, then off to bed."


Danielle said...

Holly is truly a fabulous gal, I am so glad you all met in person. I am truly jealous!