Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A couple days worth

I've been on the road for several days.

It started on Friday when I went to Kaycee for Jonna's family's branding. I got back on Saturday, but was busy, busy getting ready to leave for this week's work trip around the state. Photos on the branding are still forthcoming, so stay tuned for those.

In the meantime, I'm up early and have a few minutes (and wireless service at the Bear Lodge, but no cell service) to try and catch this blog up. I'm blogging from my work account this week, so you can follow along on some things there (

So far this week:

Matt and I have covered a lot of miles. Day one was Cheyenne to Alcova, then to Glenrock, then to Sundance where we spent the night. We conducted a few interesting interviews and had lunch at the Paisley Shawl in Glenrock, which I had heard great things about from a few trusted friends. Turns out there's a reason I trust them! The place was nice - much fancier than I expected. And our sandwiches were amazing: chicken with slabs of smoked cheddar and avocado was my choice.

We also stopped at the bar in Bill, Wyo., (population one, I believe) for a beer on our way to Sundance. I've passed by this place truly countless times on my way home to Gillette and back when my parents lived there. I always wanted to stop, but was on a mission to get off Hwy 59, so would keep truckin'. It was fun! I had recently read about the bar in the book Jukeboxes and Jackalopes by a Wyoming author. Matt and I had one beer then got back on the road to Sundance.

I'll have a story later on the lady we interviewed yesterday morning for our Agtivities magazine. Her name is Pat and she was the neatest, coolest lady. I loved her. I want to be her.

We also interviewed the mayor of Gillette yesterday afternoon after having lunch at the old Goings Hotel downtown. My dad's office used to be above the Chophouse restaurant downstairs and we'd have dinner or wine there from time to time. It's a nice place too and I'd definitely recommend it if you're ever in that neck of the woods.

Matt and I are supposed to be taking pictures of some of Wyoming's Main Street program communities, but it's been raining since day one. Rainy, drippy skies don't make for good photos of what are supposed to be vibrant, cute downtowns, so our plans to capture Buffalo and Sheridan were put on the back burner.

We did, however, spend some time in Sheridan last night. If you've never been to Sheridan's downtown, must. It's EXACTLY what a downtown should be. It's so cute, with so many great restaurants and bars and shopping, and it's got it goin' on! It was bustling with things to do - and it was a Tuesday night. We had dinner with my friend Jesus and his family at Oliver's, a nice restaurant I've always wanted to try. It was great.

Then it was up the mountain to Bear Lodge at Burgess Junction. This place ROCKS. My friend Candice's husband's family owns this and the Arrowhead Lodge. It's so pretty and relaxing. As a matter of fact, Matt and I are having breakfast in the "great room" right now.

I don't have access to many of my photos right now, but I'll load some later.

Keep checking back here! I might be a little slow in posting, but I'm still around!

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Linds C said...

I LOVE Sheridan shopping! In fact, I purchased a chandalier from one of the shops there that is now in the foyer area of my apartment! Took a little WY home with me!