Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wyoming Gothic

This weekend I'll be participating in HOBY, or the Hugh O'Brien Youth leadership camp for high school students.

My office runs the Wyoming program and somehow I went from casual volunteer to pretty much running the show.

My title is Big Mama, something I'm not sure what I think of. There's also a Big Daddy, who is my friend Brandon.

We had to have our picture taken for the program and this is what we decided on...

It cracks me up!!

Wyoming Gothic


Stacey said...

This picture is funny, but your neck is not REALLY that long is it? You look like a sea monster or a giraffe! :)

MOM said...

This is hilarious, Kimberly! It almost looks like you are leary about those points on that pitchfork! I agree. Your neck looks long here. Funny. Yes...I can imagine you are now running the show. If it has to do with drama...you're in:)

Kelly said...

That's funny. You look like you're thinking about using that pitchfork, and he looks like he's thinking, 'I wonder if she's thinking about using that pitchfork.' :)