Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frontier Days ramp up

It's starting.

That time of year when the entire city of Cheyenne shuts down for 10 days of rodeo rambunctiousness.

But July 17 isn't the beginning...

For me and my coworkers Rachel and Matt, the CFD (Cheyenne Frontier Days) fun has already started.

Last night we did a staff run of a Behind the Chutes tour. I saw these tours shuffle by the PR House last year, but didn't really have a concept of what they were about.

Turns out - they're pretty darn worth it. First of all they're free. Secondly, tour-goers get a good, in depth look at what goes on at CFD and how it happens.

These tours can have 300-500 people on them. (Crazy!) They go by the animal pens, through the arena, into the Western Museum, and get history tidbits along the way. They've been going on for about 13 years, and Bill, the guy that's been heading them up for the last 10, knows what he's about.

I decided I'm going to take the real tour at some point during CFD, and would highly recommend this to everyone.

Stay tuned for many for CFD posts. The fun has just begun!

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MOM said...

The Behind the Chutes tour looks really neat. Is that you taking the picture of the lady and the child? It looks like you.