Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Three remarkable things have happened today...

1. I got my car back from the shop after it has been there since Memorial weekend.
2. I ate ice cream.
3. I got into a fight with a crazy man in the Dairy Queen parking lot.


My car's engine blew Memorial weekend as Molly and I were coming back to Cheyenne from Laramie. It just went ka-put, which it shouldn't do since it's only four years old. Since then, I've had three different loaners - also covered under my warranty. I wasn't really complaining about it not being done because I kept getting free cars from the dealership, but still, it's nice to have ol' Gwennie back.

I took my newly acquired car to Dairy Queen tonight for some ice cream. This is remarkable because I don't like ice cream. I know. I'm so unAmerican, or not human, or something. But I don't. It makes me unquenchably thirsty. And it's sweet and I'm not a big fan of sweets. The only exception to this rule is ice cream sandwiches. There is just something about those things that I don't mind. It doesn't really fall into the ice cream category in my head somehow. Don't ask, I can't explain.

So, how do I explain Dairy Queen? Again, I can't really. Except I've seen a commercial for Dairy Queen Blizzards the past couple of days and it occurred to me that I want one. Once I was there though I couldn't decide what I wanted. I tried for a kiddie cup, but they don't have one. I then pursued the frozen yogurt route (which I don't like any better), but they don't serve that. So, I succumbed to the strawberry cheesecake Blizzard.

Then, on my way out remarkable event #3 happened: I got into an argument with a guy in the DQ parking lot.

This is not a remarkable thing at all for most of the readers who know me.

But I'm saying it is because I haven't had this kind of road rage but once since leaving D.C.

I just couldn't take it tonight though, when the crazy man honked at me only moments after I got in my car because he wanted my parking spot, and then proceeded to shake his head and act like I was keeping him from his dying mother.

I got out.


I just couldn't help but inquire what the race to get into the Dairy Queen was all about!

It didn't end well. There were several explitives and a screeching of my tires - and some choice words - as I left the parking lot.

I came home in my car and ate the whole Blizzard.


Linds c said...

Oh goodness, Kimmy! The man just wanted his ice cream and had the same hankering you had! I honk for ice cream. Imagine Cinds may as well. :)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is ... you hadn't had a serious bout of road rage in a while. You were due. (lah)

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...


Hey, I don't like ice cream either. The one exception is the Turtle waffle bowl thing from Dairy queen. Oh my my.

Side note- I will never eat another one after reading the nutricianal information online. It's been eternally ruined for me.

I'm sorry about that man in the parking lot. I'm glad that you got out of your car. Some people need to be put back in their place every once in awhile.

What happens to people that makes them think they can treat people so poorly simply because they have a steering wheel in their hands.

Kelly said...

Gwennie? My car has two names: Mimi or Christine, depending on how good or bad she's being (thankfully, she's almost always good.) :)

Was the Blizzard worth the fight in the parking lot? Hopefully it hadn't melted by the time you got finished giving him what for. :P That guy must've been having a huge sugar attack. I know...I've been there. :D