Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How much is that doggie in the window

I want a dog more than anything.

I've been desperately wanting one for years but couldn't have one in D.C., because it was against my apartment building's rules. And, even if I could have had a dog I wouldn't have. I just couldn't justify having one in my studio apartment or with the lifestyle I had.

But when I decided to leave D.C., the vision of my new Western life very clearly included a dog. Even more specifically, a dog poking out of the window of the Jeep Wrangler I've always wanted, ears flapping, tongue dangling, as we bounced through the mountains on our way to some wilderness adventure.

So...that hasn't happened yet.

I've been really wanting to change that, despite my current landlord's policy against pets, which doesn't seem to matter since two of the four apartments have one.

Since I have been talking about this forever, my boyfriend Todd and I went to the animal shelter to just...look around. If you had any inkling of how badly I want a dog you would wonder if I was a masochist for doing this. Why would anyone go to an animal shelter and torture themselves staring at penned up puppies if they weren't going to walk out of there with one??

I did it anyway.

I'd been looking around online at dogs available for adoption and didn't really see anything I loved. I realized this may be a longer process than I initially thought. I might have to "shop around," so to speak. Maybe I would find my dream dog in Laramie or Ft. Collins, Colo.,...

What harm could a little trip to the animal shelter do?

Silly Kim.

In a cold, barren cell sat Ray Romano: a 6-month-old black lab puppy who was darling. Aside from his name, which I would promptly change, he was just the right kind of lab - no snouty nose; long and lean, not stubby...and he loved me. He cuddled up against my hands through the cage. He howled when I walked away. He reminded me of my family's old dog Rajah when he was a puppy...

OMG. I started crying (and am getting misty-eyed now!). I wanted Ray Romano. I wanted to walk out with little Ray right then. But I couldn't. Todd and I have decided to try living together (more on this later) and we're in the midst of figuring out where that will be. Until that's settled it didn't seem to make sense to get Ray Romano then.

I had to leave. I couldn't take it!

Window shopping for puppies is soooo not a good idea.


artemisia said...

go back and save Ray from his horrible name!

I want to adopt every damn animal I come across.

Oh, I hope you get a pup soon!

Greg said...

You should probably go back. Everybody loves Raymond.

Stacey said...

You should probably get him because the name is a sign...just like your nephew! He's already a part of the family! :) Adoption is by far the best route in getting a dog.
P.S. DO NOT GO TO THE SHELTER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO GET ONE, even with two dogs already, when we take the boys just to walk around, I always find one I want to take home...no no no...

MOM said...

Make sure you are ready for one when you get it:) Ray Romano? Who in the heck named this dog?:) I remember once when Kelly and I went to a pet store, and this little white dog took a liking to me, and we just connected. He stood at the side of his little playpen, and watched me walk away...sob...sob... I almost went back.

Anonymous said...

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