Saturday, August 8, 2009

Race for the Cure

My boyfriend and I, and several hundred others, participated this morning in the Wyoming Race for the Cure.

I love this race. I love everything it stands for. Runners can be very supportive people. They're competitive, of course, but at the finish line you'll usually see many cheering other racers on.

There's just something even more encouraging about Race for the Cure though. That person crossing the finish line may be running in honor of a lost loved one, or maybe they're a survivor showing the world and themselves that after beating cancer they can do anything.

I get kind of emotional just typing about it.

Since I really believe in this race, and I've lost several relatives not to breast cancer, but to cancer in general, I try very hard not to miss it. I ran the national race in D.C., each year I was there but one, and I missed Wyoming's race last year because, ironically, I was in D.C., for a wedding.

Not this year.

From one capitol to another...

Some dedicated runners...

Todd and I after finishing. He kicked butt! And I must say I'm rather proud of my time as well...

For Dad, Grandma, Dustin, Aunt JoAnn, Teresa and others...


MOM said...

Also for Dustin, Grandpa Otha McDaniel,your Great Grandpa Ewald Wachholz, your Dad, and Larry McDaniel. Thank you Kimberly and Todd for being part of this. We used to have a huge one in Gillette, WY, that Dad and I participated in. It IS very emotional, but a great event. You two look good!!

Anonymous said...

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