Sunday, December 20, 2009

A capitol Christmas

I think one of the neatest things about Christmas in the state capitol is the open house at the governor's mansion.

Each year, they open the mansion up to the public for a very nice spread of Christmas treats, decorated trees, a roaring fire and piano music.

I thought Nancy and Todd would get a kick out of going so we mosied on over and checked it out.

Nancy was tickled. She said she'd never done anything at any governor's mansion, so this was a treat. We tucked an "official" paper napkin from the mansion in her purse. Shhhh...

We've been trying to find time to take a Christmas picture to send, but it keeps not happening. I'm half inclined to just use this one. Only Rigby's not in it...

Merry Christmas from Wyoming!

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MOM said...

These pictures are really great. I'm glad Nancy is getting to experience some of Cheyenne, and spend some time with both of you. Kimberly, I like the picture of you and Todd, and both have hands in pockets:) I bet Cheyenne is really pretty at this time of year.